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J NewsRadio nine fifty very warm humid weather tomorrow rate through Labor Day the complete. AccuWeather forecast. Coming up and right now at metro airport sunny skies seventy nine degrees with that hot humid weekend ahead traffic and weather coming up. On the eighth w w j news time six oh, three the Reverend. Jaspar Williams junior onstage, right now at greater grace temple in Detroit where the. Funeral is underway for the late Aretha Franklin it's been. Going now for more than six hours Williams giving the eulogy he also eulogize c l Franklin the father of the Queen of soul singer Stevie Wonder, is set, to perform in the. Moments ahead let's listen in now, to, the Reverend Williams Please The, same Who Good That was his Mckee We gotta have a. Home we got a home China houses. Back into a home I just want to ten Calling Pastors and preachers of the dust bowl Across the nation Across ratio Across religious lines I'm calling upon us Uh-huh together now And we can turn, black America, around you say how? Are we going what's. That. We. Do Right, in your, own neighborhoods your check? Skis struggling? Single mom I don't know what to do. That needs a man in the house to program our. Children we can, turn, America around So the que- Us something. Must be done something must be done if you adjust hush and listen. On a day Say it's time now My race Is direction around And come back home to down As we stop And look at Is moving Civilization is gone. Back.

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