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I tunes and on google play today's program features carlo power discussing her work to build crosscultural understanding she is in conversation with journalist jonathan curiel and by the way fusion rank that's that's a um a reference takes its wording from the koran himself i believe it's really poetic mm hmm sausage it comes roman passage that that i says if the oceans were in the words of our lord would never run out and i chose it in part because so beautiful and also in part because it seemed to me to reflect the possibilities and and the pluralism of interpretations that i hope to find by by studying it um so yeah and and by talking to him i mean one one of the one of the most profound things that that i came out of the year feeling is that he through my own tradition into relief that i went in sort of thinking you know not realising the extent of my own sort of rabid angela them i i remember talking to his daughter simyon she says yeah i mean this whole me me me business it starts even with my kids you know we go to school and suddenly you have to do show towel shoe tell is like look when i have and suddenly through this anecdote about showing how i saw this entire you know oh my goodness this is you know a me centered society and how different it is to to live with people who are really really god centered and any everything that they have um they think is is a gift from god that sounds like a cliche but i but it really.

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