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This is member supported 90.1 Atlanta good afternoon I'm Jim burris The death toll in Kentucky has grown to 74 as more bodies are found in the wreckage of historic tornadoes of the historic tornadoes More than 100 people are still missing Here now speaks with Todd alcot mayor of Bowling Green Kentucky coming up Right now though we want to remind you that we are in our end of year campaign membership campaign in hopes that you will donate to support the programming that you have come to depend on and dare I say enjoy In the afternoons And here with me to tell us more is Kevin rinker he is the director of production and operations here at W ABE Kevin Good to have you here Hey Jim good to be along So yeah right now we have an incentive for you to give And when you give you'll be entered into this drawing to win a $1000 Delta Air Lines gift card Before we get too much further we know that it's not because of this gift card that you support WAB You do it because of the knowledge the facts and the entertainment that you find here There's value in that so please take just a moment to give right now Everyone who donates during here and now will be automatically entered so it means your odds of winning are very good and will update those throughout the afternoon and into the evening Please make your yearend gift of support right now perhaps your first ever donation to W ABE You can do that by going to W ABE dot org slash donate And you can also call 6 7 8 5 5 three 90 I'm Joshua burns and I'm from Dallas Georgia How did I feel after I became the donor actually so amazing I've been wanting to I've heard a couple of these drives and I was so bad because I couldn't do it But then I had a little bit of extra money in my bank account So I figured why not Josh burns from Dallas Georgia first thank you He'd been wanting to donate but wasn't where he needed to be financially And that was a little bit better of a position and as he says he feels amazing because of his first ever gift to W ABE It's what many first time donors tell us So please you can be with Josh.

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