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Now, it's been quite a few days since training his resume. Let's start today with some confirmed transfer news. Brahim Diaz Pasta his medical in Milan and he is now officially Milan player for the next season. He wears the same number twenty one the Land Abrahim of each wore a year ago slatter and himself news to the number eleven share as for way he's going to play. It's being suggested by various sources that he will be playing up front just behind the main strikers may not be as well the loss business between Milan and Real Madrid Italian media again report the club have been in contract talk about the potential of taking lucrative she's a buying or a gain taking. On. TOBACCO TWA has left the Belgian national team candies returned to Madrid where he'll continue his preseason build up his being denied by the Belgian fa that the reason he left. Due to a positive test for. Although there has been no reason given as to why he has left and returned back to Madrid interesting interview with the Z. Dan earlier this week on television. He talked about among other things Tony and it's VC's clear admirer of the play. He summed him up saying his main virtue is calmness and serenity said I find it. Amazing. Have Mentors just to play with both feet. He doesn't speak much. She's a quiet reserved person. But when he does speak, it's because he has to speak on people take notice his life. Is Football under family and nothing else really matters. He will be remembered as a spectacular player. One of the best in the world in his position very high praise indeed from the coach who doesn't often single at the contributions of single players and attorney Chris was inaction. Where's that Germany's national team playing a significant role in the one one draw the Spain on Thursday evening team scoring to go for Gemini before Rodriguez Oh. Call that very late equaliser for Spain at Gareth. Bale has been surprising the vocal with his frustrations. Whilst. On international duty possibly due to comments Ryan Giggs at made that, he will have to make a decision on bail is we build up to next summer's European championships and you get the impression that if bail has little or no playing time as expected, then it might affect about if any of a role three has to play in next summer's championships or that were clearly sections of the Spanish media that will very surprised by the statements attributed to the flag he was quoted as saying I'm in the hands of. Madrid but they make things very difficult to be honest. The key issue though of course to any move with Gals, bail is his salary. There is nobody prepared at the moment to anything close to this seventeen million per season he is out. So if as e says, he is desperate to play. Then he's going to have to reduce his salary demands to get the move that he allegedly craves. By the way play just forty five minutes of whales international against Finn Goodwin the whales that Ryan Giggs those quick to point out. The change was a plan to change and the bail was only ever going to play forty five minutes has been a frustrating week has made for Asensio, he had to pull out of the Spanish squad up to feeding pain in his left knee was operated on last summer. He's not back with Madrid, the medical team. Taking care of him assessing any possible damage had one MRI scan, and he is due to have another on Monday not even Bay who has just I bought. Manchester. United was on the brink of a Madrid move in March this is according to his agents he said in March. Everything was sent for donate to join Madrid of the pandemic changed everything and it was all immediately postponed. So Ramos was asked to give his home, the Lee a messy situation and he said he's earned the right to decide on his future. We would like to see him stay improves the Andy said, it makes classic, even more beautiful descending going to be happy with the news that are coming out of earlier on this afternoon the Messi has confirmed that he will be staying with Barcelona next season on his own situation. He was asked if there was any move on new contracts not yet he said I didn't think there will be any issues whatsoever. I never considered. Leaving Route Madrid another word the national team has been talking about his future says you regular lawn? He said I go from day to day my home at the moment is Madrid, but I will look at all options Manchester United of being linked with happily again this week our Jersey Marino is also being alleged has been in contact to see if he could get him to join Tottenham there is interest of from your vendors are interested that and of course, Lubbe who would love nothing more than to keep him at severe for another season. Still nothing to report on the future of Mariana, Benfica's interest is cooling rapidly there's no breakthrough on the keys Z. surrounding his salary. To believe, really, the impasse is due to two hundred, thousand Euros Benfica of over four million per season but he will not drop his current salary of four point two million per season. All. Day Long Running Saga Hall Hamas Rodriguez Move Away From Madrid is finally heading down the home straight is about to get his move to Everton in the coming hours. The fee is second twenty, five million. Now, the French media is awash with stories about the PSG presidents growing infatuation. Add Water Cama thing. The player players being called up to the full national team by Sean is said to be the Paris. Club's number one target for next some of the media keen to press the teenager anytime. He appears we in the press area is response earlier today when questioned once again, he said I, have another season at red and we'll see what happens. Jim In media are reporting a significant Madrid interest in Xining Danny Olmo. A Spanish under twenty one and full international now as well as currency with. Livesey any deal though looks very unlikely. Any signed a from Zagreb. Thank in February has a contract until twenty, twenty, four say we'll take something very significant indeed to prise him away from RB, Leipzig? That just about wraps it up for today. How back in the weakest rebuild up to the opening day of the season so Thanks for joining me and we look forward to having a company again in a few days. Tom You want to get in touch about anything in particular and he can do so via the website. WWW rounder podcasts dot com until next week from me Tim capable. Bye Bye for now..

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