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John Aaron teddy Gelman is at the editor's desk coming up the Senate rejects calling witnesses in the impeachment trial the Senate turned away from truth on Capitol Hill I'm Mitchell Miller another U. S. case of corona virus fans of Kobe Bryant come together in DC for a prayer vigil I'm Michelle bash it's six thirty one the Senate has voted down a motion to call witnesses in president trump's impeachment trial and there's a new timeline for when the vote on the articles of impeachment will take place WTOP is Mitchel Miller has more from Capitol Hill the Senate's top Democrat Chuck Schumer has pushed hard for witnesses in the trial it's a grand tragedy America will remember this day unfortunately with the Senate did not live up to its responsibilities where the Senate turned away from truth and went along with a sham trial during the debate on the Democrats motion the president's attorney Jay secular told senators they were being asked by house managers to do something they shouldn't have to do they're supposed to investigate you are to deliberate but what they're asking you to do is not become the investigative agency after later rejecting a series of democratic amendments to subpoena witnesses the Senate approved a timeline for the end of the trial closing arguments will take place on Monday and then senators will have a few days to get a chance to explain their votes the final vote on the articles of impeachment against the president will take place on Wednesday a day after the state of the union address on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news the former ambassador to Ukraine who unwittingly became one of the central figures in the impeachment drama has retired from the state department Maria von of its leaves after more than three decades in the foreign service she had most recently been serving as a senior state department fellow at Georgetown University she was removed from her post as the US ambassador in Kiev in may twenty nineteen after a targeted campaign against her led by allies of president trump Ivanovic serves as a witness in the house impeachment inquiry testifying both publicly and privately the US is now to clear the new coronavirus a public health emergency following a similar declaration by the World Health Organization there are now seven confirmed cases in the US we've also learned the virus can spread even if someone infected is not showing symptoms a woman who traveled from Shanghai to Germany infected seven other people while she was a symptomatic maybe you can transmit it even earlier maybe a couple of days before you become symptomatic and it becomes a lot more difficult to control the spread.

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