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Paper. On paper I caught. It was made up yet in the course than the Reds have four against the Cubs. And where do they go next week, Tuesday here, and I think it's the Cardinals Cardinal. So that's what you're telling me. This is big now. I got a chance is what I'm telling you. You got to keep hope alive. I'm we're concerned about you on the Trump Boat parade. I wouldn't be too concerned about him. Wanniski. Can you order them by hand water ski down the Ohio River. In my younger days, I have water skate. A guy named Tao Kinley, who worked for the Kansas City Royals for many years doubt him. Lee used to pull me on the high River up and down the high River. In what decade was that seventies. Every now and then I would drop my bathing trunks. And as I went down the river on purpose, Yes. That was a sight to behold. What did the women say about that? They shielded their eyes. But anyway, yes. Yes, I think it was actually it was an accident. It was accidental. See what happens in time You told me earlier in Adams County. Dead man's into this kind of stuff. Some sort of nature walk back in the woods, where you find real people, real animals that absolute tell the Tell the man about we've got new nature trails opening up on Adams County and a new one Is it Cedar falls. It's a three mile round trip, but it's a beautiful hike. Man, you would find all kind of nature back in. That's it. You got the big bad leg at 20,000 plus acre Ejaculated reserve has got numerous psychic drills and tell you one thing with covert 19. People have been coming out there and hiking trails. You wouldn't believe. I mean, getting out of the Urban areas and absolutely getting out of the urban world. Rural tourism This year is exploding is exploding. Campgrounds are packed ST Parcher packed our county Park district's air pack hiking up in Russia. The year concession.

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