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I and let's get back to that if you if you don't mind guy and there's just one more in there i offer for a female side anyway rachel bowl against that guy when any enrich awarded offing right. So actually she showed me like shoe a few differences from the way she fought against like Shannon courtney She used a rich white well. I had been yoga. Was they disallowed moving around the ring. Quite well being evasive elusive But she never came to win defied with was a problem. She was just moving around making rachel mesa time but then finding yourself trapped on the ropes and rachel just took advantage of that and she did a thing they saw so that was a good win for. I'm happy that she picks up like about. And hopefully she can get make a rematch import rave shannon courtney and and see if she can just Do twice shadow gets Revenge on that but on the undercard also had like jack cullen Versus though hetty and jack cullen make seem like the underdog day was they in there with a puncture at. Emc's the one that just you know impose his will and strength on dougherty or dougherty had done very early. Started to fight very crazy like mad accent of you. Know frame bums Now but then from the second second round onwards Carmen just they found these feeds is experienced. Told actually and you just kind of broke down doku so that was a an interesting card. Very good called there and The avocado we had was earlier in the week on the friday with frank warren and headliner between have run and Bentley which is a rematch. Now is okay. You know that that was a very good performance on. Bentley's i you got the omb right francis hell. Yeah that's my guy. Listen i thought he wanted to first fight so in the second fight. I'm like he's stopping him because he's knocked down in the second round with a straight left and i was like yo if he really sits on his punches and instead of boxing and fight he gonna stop mark. What do you do. Stop marks swallowed them up. Yeah definitely yeah. So i mean i bet did this and you know. It was very similar to the franco thing and in terms of like the dynamic of the bentley from a wicked punch like just swallow his. I very quickly well. But that's not what happened with frank. Oh i don't know if y'all listen. Listen y'all nino rodriguez you know. The fighter sent me personally. The video that franko posted an franco's like look this is the real the real head but that. Espn refused to show ya. Because they wanted to steal his bell. I told johnson and he got it on his story. You know. I have it as a message in go. We can just go. And he this american force so you can see it man the injuries that similarity and lake you know Have just couldn't continue. After a man with a good friend bentley. The bentley realize that and just kept glenn for his targeted that pinpoint right hand. Couldn't miss with that was it. I think right corner decided to stop it. I wanna say the fourth remember. Correct meal fulfill the chiefs rob of pretty good man. I was for the gig cards shuttled to my uk. People in chats and watch those fights and shuttled to the us guys that. I was face as well. And i interested. So you segment over issues like it's a sorry. Listen and the to sharp man bentley. you gotta go check him out. Fire look at them. Y'all look at them you know. Look at team. Then look the they showing you the actual head. But let's go. I you put it on youtube. Dot com is on screen again. All my dm's too long care. I'll give occur. But what i see. Now man listen. I told ya. Franco's golden boy fighter. You why you think it took thirty minutes because they had to find a way not to show you. The footage added finally shorter. I old here. I said but but i play like three times because this is you know he he shows. You're getting hit and he'd be wise to show you again get hit but then. It cuts cuts also. I should've i should've recorded in luke it has been saying. Oh these are shorter. Short until about but anyway i i think they met begin out of that where they shouldn't have and this was really dan place to do that. That's really what's to stay with them. You've to understand but but you colleges do that like that blatantly on On tv right so that that was my issue. It i really did no. I couldn't decide whether it was like Ahead but are not and when does the case. I spoke even with steve earlier and he says they do the in like an american football when you cannot determine using the replay wherever the this evidence then you go with the call that was made on the on the pitch. And that's what you do you go with the cold. I was made by the the rectory and them trying to undermine. The referee was pretty pretty sponge. But i don't know man at my. My issue is that they wouldn't do that for any other fighters right if milona wasn't with them and let's say you helping to the guy that fourth grade for example they would have been under competency. It'll problem good like they would love mid leg such a big deal out of it so but that's just. My point of view was strange. Knives beyond strange bro. The they they they they they ever since top-ranking espn got the merger. The top ranked team has gone above and beyond. Espn like the their family now. So they're going to do whatever this gate on the tickets is it. Cradle market goes. Hey hard at it. They really really hard picking so definitive statements and all that was that. Whoa yeah i o strange to me too. Because i was going. We gotta watch this. Y'all ha ha davis done made a. He made a highlight. Reel down on. If we're gonna get flagged man. I still wanna play it. Man for showing. What the adjective is ozzie. But is of the fight hold on the art. Because i got to put the is of the fight but he voices it over you know. He's a comedian. Tim check blows low melatonin. I can't. I can't even show to the fight. They so much. To finally sees dicky situation can't be stopped he was cinderblocks. Route deal.

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