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Is six oh three will take a look at traffic and weather together coming up at six ten a terminated Flores and police detective charged with assault and armed criminal action is also accused of making a false report hammocks as Maria kena tells us the special prosecutor Tim Lamar calls Smith's account of the incident patently false source of police chief Tim Hagen says in his report Joshua Smith said the incident was an accident Floridians internal investigation as well as St Louis county police and the FBI also have investigations underway the business would have us do an internal investigation after the criminal investigation is done for a variety of reasons we started that process early and so that process is proceeding this proceeding slowly what if we evaluate everything it is that we do Jim lo marsh as an addition to armed criminal action Joshua Smith is charged with assault first and fourth degree assault first you've got to prove that the individual knowingly cause serious physical injury by means of a dangerous instrument deadly weapon in this particular case our view of the evidence just what we zero two eyes the man with that vehicle turned its head lights towards the victim that became a four thousand pound missile the sentence on the assault first an armed criminal action can range from ten to thirty years if convicted on the criminal action charge you must serve a minimum of three years Maria kena St louis' news radio camel acts in Saint Louis city mayor Krewson I control the green I treasury hi a very I bought a vote to okay a plan to equip metro police with body cameras the police union the St Louis police officers association is not fighting the plan association president officer Jay Schroeder says it's time.

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