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That's dangerous about the t to is that i don't have the edge. I don't have the coffee edge. That i feel like i usually have at the beginning of the show where anything can happen. I can say anything you know like somebody no. You can't compare just doing a line of crack right before the show. That's god as for me. But i don't have that day. I don't have the energy. I know i can see line. Yeah i i think we we balance each other out pretty well I woke up like at nine. And i missed all my alarms. I don't know what the hell that was all about. I just haven't been sleeping a whole lot lately last night. I stayed up in plain. Death's door to stand up like three in the morning. And i'm so close to one hundred percent and there's like to fucking secrets. I cannot figure out man. I cannot figure them out and it's will help you out because that's all you tweeted. Let them know they did not they did. Not i got the true ending true ending but there are still two extra secrets that i cannot figure out and ladies and gentlemen let me tell you in the way that you inspect items and souls games and you can bring up the item and rotated similar to resident evil games. Couple of couple things in some of these items that you need to look around for the i hate that. That's like my least favorite thing even when it comes to solving shit it's like oh the whole time to rotate this item. Look at the bottom. Because there's a button there reason that no but there's no button or anything bullshit like that. It's just more of a this thing that had been looking at and trying to figure out since episode one of the places that i put up of like this has got to be a puzzle. There's no way this is not a puzzle. Couldn't figure it out and said screw it. I'll move on and then one thing when you beat the game. Every door will shine pink. If they're still a secret there okay and the doors that you're cleared are no longer sort of emanating this light and sound like god. Damn what is the secret. I know the and i just happened to go through the items and then i rotate. It was like oh and one of those moments blessed. That's awesome moments. i real. I really wanted to get back into the plane. Death's door last night. Because that's all we talked about a little bit on the games catherine. I'm gonna talk about in a second boat. Roger re tweeted how long to be in there. Like oh yeah. It's a six hour long game to be in. Rogers like yeah. This is true. But i kept playing and realizing that it doesn't take that long. Beat maybe go okay. Cool i can sit down with this in one or two nights and just knock it out and probably get addicted to if you're doing that but hopefully be able to get through it so i can get onto other games. And so they also i plan last night but i got by little game a little indie title. Gt online. Oh jesus end up playing for three hours last brand new game twitch new game they did have a brain update though that is kind of fire. I'm feeling the gpa or online update. It's basically basically include this fast and furious like a cartoon or culture where you go to this. Carney you can. You can a pimp out. You're ride and you could show off your ride and hang out and do races like underground races. All of this stuff that makes it feel like a frisbee underground combined with facet furious. I've been absolutely loving. I think i'm gonna play more of it i mean. Gt online a lot of time but this one might be the one that has been for quite quite a few hours. That sounds kind of sick. Actually that sounds really cool. As you make the call on twitter and be like anybody wanna hop in and and i politely declined and i said no thank you doug to get snug slacks in chat says don't you i do but i wouldn't really go as far to say that. Death store has super puzzle. Type moment they are so quick and so easy to figure out. And i think the game would be a bit tougher if the puzzles were a tiny bit tougher. A lot of the times opposes that you're doing death store. I think are just more about doing it unless about figuring them out. Because it's obvious. I shoot that thing i shoot that thing and this brings me here as opposed to there being something you need to uncover like when i think. I think this game is more about uncovering mysteries than it is about solving puzzles. Yeah yeah i'm with. I'm with you. I'm trying to find a trailer for this interesting kevin able to find it and pull it up. That'd be that'd be great because it's actually really fun last night onstream. I spent thirty minutes straight just tuning of a car in the garage. Like adding all these customization features making it look dope dope as yellow car with a dope ass livery to it reminded me a plane for its horizon a bit. It's a really cool thing. I can't wait for for it's a man. I can't wait before it's either but for now. Let's get into housekeeping. There's a new games. Cast that i was talking about just now where we won reviewed door but then also we talk a lot about melania solid and so check that one out of my favorite those games cows. We've done so far because is legitimately the second half of just us nursing out because if you've been following some playing mega solid on the twist rooms trying to go through all the games we're halfway through one right now i. It's kinda re-live into this melody solid culture. I kinda funny which. I cannot be more happy about because all of us here for the most part really love melody solid and i think it's like the one game where i think we're all different kinds of gamers right like andy loves. The hyperloop drifters in the valley and the indie games right. Greg loves his weird narrative games and avengers division. Shit right tim leslie the intendo stuff. I love this stuff. I love right but millio- solid is like the one thing where we all hold hands on and we were all big fans of this thing. So for the second. Half of the games catch doc about that and i cannot recommend that episode enough so check that out on dot com. So that's kind of funny games and also youtube dot com is.

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