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And the good news is that the technology is more and more sophisticated every day. So until we have a cure, obviously, the best technology is going to render the best Satistics and early detection is definitely going to be our our best weapon, particularly against the mortality rate, and and also against the level of treatment. And so one of the things that was attractive to me about the whole logic three D mammographies. It's it's a three D machine. Whereas when I was diagnosed fourteen thirteen years ago, there was only the two D And. I went and just for my yearly knowing mammogram, which everyone dreads, and when I left there. They said, look, you know, we see something that looks a little, you know, maybe a little questionable. So come back in six months, and let's take another look at it. And it was my my GP said, but there's no point in waiting six months. Let's get another look at it. And it did turn out the invasive cancer. You know, and had seen on encouraged me to go back in you know, I might have had to have chemo or worse. You know? It's you don't know how fast a cancer is growing at, you know, at the six month, Mark and with a three D at least we're able to see cancers at an even earlier stage it eliminate eighty five percent of the false negatives. Where you go back in like what I had to do. With my situation. I went back in and it wasn't basis. There are a lot of situations where you go back in. And it's a newest do you have to go back in and you find out that it wasn't anything. And it's you know, it's trustful. So with a three demon fee, at least the false negatives are much more or less but down what we're learning is. He's me. Many of us fifty percent of women have been for us, which is what I have. And it's not dense breast as in, you know, perky athletic breasts. It's a genetic trait where it makes it more difficult to see cancer cancer shows up as white on a mammogram is so do the dense areas of abreast and also the statistic goes up the limit of does breath and having breast cancer. And so the whole logic three D mammogram is the only one that's approved by the FDA as not only minimizing false negatives being able to read dense breast mammograms first period superior that other memo Gacy's, so you know, there's a lot of great hope that goes along with the technology. And that's why I was tell women, and it's, you know, it's lovely to be on a podcast where I'm sure you have a lot of females who listen to this or athletes who obviously have mom sisters. Brives where the good news is that wraps. We don't have a care, but we do have even more highly sophisticated technology that that's helping us. It's taking a long way. And as you're going through your treatment. That's another form of competition. That's another form of the same challenge that you went through, you know, growing up whether it's track or whether it's the music industry now, it's just another challenge and. You attacked it. Yeah. I mean, you know, I'm sure all of all of your girls here seen have gone through obstacles that they felt like there. Daunting, and maybe insurmountable, you know, whether it's having to have surgery, or you know, whatever it is that becomes your heard at all it's what you do with that. I think that can really define whereas you go and how much burger you go when you when you've lived something through something that has really made you face yourself. And and look at the things that in your life that don't serve serve the purpose of becoming your, you know, your best self and. Mine was breast cancer. We all have something, you know, we all in our lives, go through something that will basically make meet ourselves..

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