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By masha gessen use a writer for the new yorker she might no fan of lottery you're putin for certain but she's skeptical that this russian interference is as large as it seems to be your essay whereas we played it up to be she writes the kremlin in its media are tickled to be taken so seriously their saab grammatical imitations of american political rhetoric and a lot of it is kind of not very grammatical their overtures to the most marginal of political players are suddenly at the very heart of american political life are we overdoing our concerns about this i think yes and now there is a concern that we take this too seriously and maybe over correct in terms of heavyhanded regulation and that's actually what the russians did after the stunning affair they use that to push very sort of extreme restrictions on internet freedom so we clearly don't want to see that happened the stone when affair you said one of those snowden affair snowden affair i'm side in quite a fun laugh edward snowden correct correct so there is that fear that we could maybe blow this out of proportion at the same time by pushing the voices on the extreme and making these fringe voices seem like one voices 30000 because they're amplified by bots it's drowning out the sort of rational debate that should be happening at the center in about ten seconds does it effectively counter russia just for the public to know what is happening let's talk to june ten seconds no but i think it's the first step medi to to finding out a way to solve this came as schaefer thank you very much thank you brett schaefer tracks russian influence on twitter for the hamilton 68 project and the alliance for securing democracy.

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