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Should certainly check out. Vogel box. So let's take a look here at the AL wild card race. We'll take a look at these odds. These are from DraftKings right now. We got the Blue Jays who are sitting at 61 in 52. They are -800 to make the playoffs plus 600 on the no. Mariners are 62 and 54. They are -500 to make the playoffs plus three 80 on the no. Raise our 60 and 53. They are one ten on each side to make the playoffs. Orioles 59 and 55, they are 7 to one on the yes. -1100 on the no, the twins, 58 and 55, they are plus one 60 -200 on the no and the White Sox are 59 and 56. They are minus one 30 on the S plus one O 5 on the no. If you're wondering, as I'm reading out those records, why the Orioles are 59 55 and their number is so much bigger than the twins and White House because the twins and White Sox have a couple of different ways to get there. They can get there via wildcard or they can still come back and win that division. That's not going to happen for the Orioles. They have one path to getting there and that is through the wild card, whereas the twins and White Sox as we mentioned, just a few games back there in that division still very much in play to get it done right there. I mean, I have a Mariners yes to make the playoffs ticket so I'm really liking that number of -500 right now for them to make the playoffs. I think when you kind of look at this team top to bottom, how this team is finally healthy, which is another big, big thing for this Mariners team. I mean, listen, Mitch hanker was a guy that had a really productive season for them last year hit for power, had a lot of RBI for them. He was on the IO for essentially the entire season so far this year. You get a rookie and Julio Rodriguez come in with, I mean, listen, the expectations were already sky high for him. He has exceeded those sky high expectations, ty France is having a career year for this team. Jesse winker has not really been as good as they thought he was going to be, but now you do have Rodriguez, winker, Hanover, all in the lineup together at the same time. You got France hitting the way that he is. So I really do like this Mariners team. I'm not laying -5. Hundred on them to make the playoffs, but I do like them from a longer term perspective. Gun to your head is this how the season ends with the three AL wild card team. I'm guessing so. I mean, the Blue Jays would really, really have to fall off here because they just have so much hitting that it's even with the pitching woes that they've gotten outside of gausman and manoa. Those two guys have been solid for them, but everybody else kind of been shaky in that rotation for them. But they hit so well that they can hit their way to enough wins. I think when it's all said and done, probably looking at the way that this is going to kind of fall, I love our Orioles team, I would love our Orioles team to get there. But again, it's just a one way street for them to kind of get in. And the one thing about that, they do not have. They don't have any frontline starters right. They don't have a single one, where there's at least that on every one of these other teams, there is not one at all. Do you agree with the odd separation between the Mariners and the razor? Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, the Mariners have been 5 dollars for the Mariners to get in there. Yeah, I mean, the Mariners have an easy schedule, the rest of the way as well, the rays, you should remember the division that they play in, right? So they still keep they still have to butt heads with those guys and that division. So, I mean, I think it's right, you know, I mean in Red Sox, not even pictured, but they're still in it too. Yes. Yes. I mean, it would take, I think, a herculean effort from them. Yeah, to get in there, but I don't think that that's anything that we really need. To worry about. Over on the ML side, if we take a look at the NL wild card race, at the top here, you see the braves because they're 70 and 46, and the yes is -20,000, because again, it's all but it's all but assured, right? They would have to basically said this is a, you can win division or a while. Right, right. Multiple outs. So they basically have to lose out, which is not going to happen. If you were wondering if you thought that they were going to lose every game, the rest of these. I think they're good. Yeah, they're not going to do that. Padre is 65 and 52. They are -6 50 on the yes, plus 500 on the no, but again, remember the horrible news that they get. They are not going to be with Fernando Tatís Jr. this season. He was going to actually miss not only the rest of this season, but well in the next season, for his PED suspension, the Phillies are 63 and 51. They are minus two 55 on the yes plus two O 5 on the no, brewer 61 and 52 minus one 85 on the S plus one 50 on the no and then the Giants 57 and 57. They're 9 to one on the yes and -1200 on the no. The brewers again with multiple outs, the Phillies with multiple outs in theory. I mean, like they're not going to win that division, but it's possible. Whereas the Padres are it's not possible. They're not going to win that division. Any way you look at it. I see three teams. Right with minus money in front of them with only two of them can make it. Who's the third one out? I mean, theoretically, the cardinals could be involved in that too, right, but yes. I mean, yes, if the cardinals were to lose their ground in the division of the brewers, then they would pop onto this list here. Honestly, we talked about it in with Steve Buchanan. This brewer's team to me as good as this pitching was coming into the season, the hitting has just slowed down so incredibly much. To me, it's just, if there might be one of these kind of like weird, weird ways that they find their way out of the playoffs, I think it could be, I think it could be them. I think the Phillies have set themselves up. Bryce Harper is apparently going to start taking batting practice this week. So he could be back maybe for this kind of stretch run. At some point, it's interesting to me this Billy squad, they went ahead and they went ahead and made some acquisitions. They think that they can get there this year. They certainly hit well enough. They're going to monitor this Kyle schwarber injury for sure. He's been there source of power. He's not in the lineup for them today dealing with that calf injury. That could be a pretty big blow if he's not able to get back in there for them pretty soon. Yeah, Bryce Harper, I guess, took swings today, gearing up for a minor league start team said September 1 is realistic goal for his return to the line. Yeah, so he could be there for that kind of final stretch for them and you're getting an MVP caliber player. This is kind of like what we were talking about with the tatis thing where we thought the Padres had so much potential because you're basically getting an all star acquisition at the deadline by getting him to come back and it's kind of the same thing here with this Phillies team. They've been without Bryce Harper for so incredibly long and still been able to tread water and get themselves into a position where they can make the playoffs and you get him back for that stretch run. I think it is something that is well within the range here. So I kind of like the Philly. I kind of like that way it goes. I think I like the braised Padres Phillies. So if anything would be a brewer's no. A brewer's no, but you're not getting it's not sexy enough though, right? It's only a game and a half. You're only game and a half out of the division. With again, multiple outs, right? Yeah, that's in the wild card, and you can sneak in the division. Yeah, they're only a game and a half out of the division, which is the problem. I would need a bigger price on that because they have the multiple outs here. We'll run through all of the 8 o'clock eastern hour games, take a look at the scoreboard as well, maybe talk a little bit of preseason football. It is prime time I should come back on a Monday. Betting on baseball can be a grind, but Visa has a podcast that can help. Visas baseball betting show, with host Greg Peterson. I do think that be brave should be right right about a minus one 80 inch favorite. I was sending it more around minus one 65 and 8 or one side be looking in and over. Greg goes through every game on the slate and gives you his betting analysis. Listen to download and subscribe to Visa's baseball betting show with Greg Peterson. On the iHeartRadio app. On Apple podcasts, or wherever you get your

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