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Not like buster Douglas. Okay. It's not 'cause buster does one by knockout. Devonte, I mean, javonte hasn't fought. He looks great. Don't get me wrong, he could be great. But when you look at the resume and you compare it to his peers, even Ryan García beat Luke Campbell. Yeah. I don't see where javonte, he's had the Al hayman adviser. He's had the linear Eller be advised. There's a story floating around that the split because you know they've had a riff for a while. Yeah. And there was a rumor that tank didn't want to leave Baltimore and Floyd gave him an apartment out here or a place. Who's going to protect tank for himself because as much as you talk about tank is this one? That legal shit is still there. No, it is. He went back for three days. I am concerned that tank is not going to train in that gym when he leaves. No, the vaguest crib, the all that. That has got him disciplined is gone. That's where I'm concerned because like tio couldn't make the weight, but he left perfecting athletes with top rank and blah blah blah. It was just like, yo, this is a tough fucking wake up when I don't have a whole crew feeding me meals all day. It's different. There's protections with these companies. I think tank is very good. I just, you're leaving a situation where you're in the pay per view a side for the fourth fight. And now you're looking, it's like, all right, well, who am I going to fight? And somebody's going to pay you, you're going to get a fight. I just wonder how good he is. Does he beat Devin Haney? Got to catch him, because Devin whale point him. You get to 7 7 rounds to be down 6 one. Real quick because he's putting you on the end of that job if you want to. Like Leo Santa Cruz, you're like, he might be losing Leo. Lights out. So it's like, so tank is fought, Rolly Romero, Isaac Cruz, Leo Santa Cruz, Europe was gamboa, who was Torres. It ruptured his Achilles in the second round. It made it to the 12. Yeah. And then you go, all right, and then Taylor is, I want to go out on my own. And it's like, now? I don't know if now is the right time. Well, the next time you get is probably 30. Right. But I don't know. I mean, are you fighting for money? You find for legacy. A little bit of both. But you don't want to get trapped. At this point, Mayweather promotions is only feeding you Mayweather promotions. So it's not helping your legacy either. That's true. That's very true. So it's just like, yo, are y'all going to give me the top fighters? 'cause now you're just giving me your fighters, which doesn't also help my legacy. If I could stay and you would give me PVC fighters and people outside the building, maybe we can talk. Like Leo Santa Cruz. That's a very good point. But you guys aren't proving to build my legacy either. Yeah, I don't know what happened because it's like building your pockets. Yeah, on one hand, it's like you're now your main event in New York. Yeah, Brooklyn. So you've done LA. They've put you in the right places because you've had good mark. And now it's like to your point. It's like, well, I need to find somebody. And if you're not going to give me somebody, I'm going to leave. So maybe that's what he's doing. I just go back to the questions. I don't know how good tank is. It seems like the rift. When Mayweather said, we have enough in-house. We don't got to go anywhere else. Yeah, I don't like that. You make me look like a bitch. Because if anything takes like, I'm not scared. Yeah, he's not. So let me test myself against Devin. You know Devin. Yeah. He's a free agent. There's no reason for you not to overpay us both to fight each other. It could be complete Mayweather promotions. Like top ranks bring Devin in. If he wins these belts, it could be nobody else in. Mayor of the promotions on showtime. Hey, they've shown nothing that they want to pay auxiliary outside of their building. Yeah, yeah. I gotta bounce. Man, and maybe I just motions be fine. Carmel mouton is an annoying, like 14 years old. I mean, man with the performance will be fine. This whole tank situation. I don't know how this breaks. I wish tank would have got not really Romero for his last fight with the promotions. The Cuban in-house. I'm sure take wishes he didn't get Rolly Romero. I know. It's like, yo, this was cute in December. This guy just went through a major legal case. Hurting his stock. Well, legal cases don't necessarily hurt anybody talking boxing. I mean, it's not great. Talking about mainstream wise. I'm just saying, Mayweather said plenty of this. Yes, but Mayweather was a staff. No one's putting roly Romero on their show. So now I gotta carry the promotion and the fight. I mean, the fight was, again, it was a squash match to begin with. But it was a squash match where you can parade the B side talker places. And then now who's touching them? Ain't coming on this show. No, absolutely not. So where are you putting him? So it's tough. And it takes like why, what is he helping me? I'm curious, I'm curious. We'll see what happens. We'll keep an eye on that. Prediction tank under 6. Hang on to 6. No, it's been a great show. Thank you guys. Just take along with us, tons of boxing talk. Like I said before, just start off the show three straight shows of pro wrestling after this. So make sure you guys are ready for a huge week of pro wrestling talk here from blue wire studios in the wind. There's only Las Vegas, AW week, and in Vegas, so it's going to be great. GCW, FS, W everybody in town. It's going to be fun. Shout out to everybody in the booth. This is a cold baby. Holding us down, Brian, on the board as well. Brian's been lending his hair rock. I love, I love the hair, Jeremiah on the boards. I need a hair like Brian. I can't grow that anymore. I think my days are over. If you guys are in Vegas, make sure you guys check us out. But in the meantime, follow us on social media at corner podcast underscore on Twitter at corner club for life on Instagram, check out our YouTube, the corner podcast, as well. Stay safe..

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