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There's a sustainable tea. Banh that wants me to take a photo holding t- in if that paycheck can pay the salaries of five people in our organization and this may be the way that we can hack the system. So i think sometimes people don't see all that goes into it And i do think that you know this deserve to be compensated for their work. But i think there is some complication there with trying to understand like okay if you an environmentalist or if you're in activists are you allowed to also be embraced by the media or does that mean that you shouldn't i guess so i don't know i think i'm okay with it personally because it's been able to bring back attention to the cause but i also do feel some discomfort sometimes with people knowing me versus knowing the cause i hopefully standing for But you know what if some random company wants me to vienna super bowl commercial which just happened if that helps people learn about environmental justice than all do that one hundred ten percent so yeah no i mean i mean i obviously i understand. I mean obviously i i am. I guess seen as a figure within the movement and so. I guess. I understand what that means. I guess my question to you is and this is i mean. I'm in this help me. And how many of us in position who are kind of faces so to speak. We have a platform that would like to say. We nice great for audience building and i agree with you. You say it louder folks in the back that people need to be compensated for this work. I think though should also be cautious though. Because we don't want to be in a position where if we say that this is a predominantly white movement that has ignored putting particularly black people and brown people in positions of leadership not just as far as face leadership and they've they've avoided that by having them fund their organizations. Can we maybe get. Let them off the hook a little bit because they see me or see. Usc whoever that was oh okay. We'll look they have a black person who's their spokesperson. I mean how. how how..

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