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Definitely would not have predicted that. Certainly and especially after a the way things had gone in the netherlands zanzibar. you know. we're we're danny didn't have an incredible race you know. Neither of them had a great race to be honest. So i i think that they certainly didn't look like danny's fortunes had had flipped quite yet and that being said it made sense that mclaren was very competitive at monza with design of the car with the mercedes engine. I think it was well suited to the track. I wasn't surprised to see them being highly competitive. But certainly i would have presumed that norris would would be on the top step well before danny as i think most anybody. What if any. I'm very impressed if you're if you're the person who call. Yeah if you're that person. You're probably in australia. Likely say and. It's going to be danny rick atop but i was super. Impressed led the entire race as well like he had a great start. He dusted verstappen into the first turn and it was basically over. It was just a matter of pits and hanging onto the end. Pretty great stuff. You mentioned it mclaren. Dropped off quite a bit. That was their first race win since two thousand twelve. How is that possible. you know. I think they really struggled at the beginning of the hybrid. Engine era They've had you know they. They struggled with their old engine partner in honda before honda had moved over to red bull. There was no budgetary issues. There i think they had a lot of organizational changes at the at the at the top of before zac brown come in. So i think there's just a they just had a lot of turmoil inside the organization but they managed to right the ship. You know rebuild the right way You know get great. Drivers put together a great organization. You know back in woking at their headquarters and. I think that it's incredible what they've done. I think it's a script for other teams most notably say williams to follow teams. That are storied great. No they can be great at half defined way back from the very bottom. Mclaren is a great example to follow of how to rebuild an f. one organization and then it's really exciting when you finally do rebuild it and you get daniel ricardo. Being the guy. Who's on the podium as ronald mentions so great to see another. We celebration from daniel ricardo. I one hundred percent agree. Everybody was hoping he was going to do it. He did not disappoint. But it wasn't just daniel ricardo. he also made landau. Norris do a shoe as well landau said he was happy he did it and then he helps. You also never has to do it again. And they even made their team principal. Zac brown do it. I was dying laughing at this. Apparently us just kind of kept it cool and didn't mention that ricardo has never made him do a shoe. Because if you end up on the podium with this guy. He's making you drink out of his shoe. I went on wikipedia. I looked this upgrading. Currently three hundred seventy-one words just about daniel ricardo's formula one shoe he's made verstappen hamilton lance stroll and nico rosberg do it when they were on the podium. He made christian horner do it. He made retired driver mark. Webber do it. He made gerard butler and patrick stewart. Drink out of his shoe if you get up on. The podium with daniel ricardo. You're tasting his feet. There's no doubt about it. Would you like to drink from issue. would i like to get warned. You would offer. Yes absolutely of course. Of course i'm going to do it. I'm getting i'm guy you know. Just i'll try anything once you've learned from danny It sounds like you haven't Excuse me had anything from shoe. What's the grossest thing you have drank from. That's not true. I have drank from shoe. I used to play a little club rugby and did it with a bunch of australian guys after batches. They would absolutely do that. It is awful if you can avoid doing it. It is at all possible. I'll try not to. But i don't know i don't know i know an australian. I can't believe lease never tried to encourage us to drink out of his shoes. Maybe we see. That's that's maybe that's a pick and maybe that's a punishment that's a good pick. 'em payoff do make it. Yeah i love it last couple things about it before we move onto these other races second sprint qualifying of the season at the italian grand prix so on friday we had qualifying sprays qualifying. Valerie voss finished p. One on saturday. I think it ended up being eighteen laps of racing. Botas wins the sprint race. Finishes on pole ends up having to start from the back. Because i think he got a new power unit. Is that right correct. We've seen two of these sprint qualifying races now. Do you like it too in all right. I'm going to admit..

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