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I stand by my diagnosis whatever just let me get back to mike if you don't mind all right i was struck for a moment but i have returned all right well how do you feel about jeannie fox plane you in in an upcoming movie about your life that's not too shabby i think i think too often joe i it in wind when is that just a recent thing is that is that how far down up and down the road what we've we've been talking about for a long time but it is time okay okay all right george will you know the we had the prior movie with second 95 tyson but when michael jay white played you we then after the real movie that youth the movie um the new equipment okay but mike i have to say michaels but on the show he's he's pretty multitalented duda i mean have i ha i liked it but i okay move game negotiator real and now i interviewed jamie one of my fox show like years smell liked fifteen years ago or busy he's pretty cool dude i guess he's these buff and out now though he's gonna hit the jim like constantly yeah yes he's going to have to try all besides your new podcast now i now out titled a bite the mic right that's what you have going yes yes it really awful i was pretty cool and let me just say this there the mike tyson youtube channel i mean you have some fun stuff on hey thank you very much the.

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