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To the internet safety advocates say be aware that apps and website may be collecting inappropriate information about the children are linked the full trouble and toyland survey with this report in the consumer section of komonewscomfire the university of washington was to not only give you a spot on the team but they're offering a full ride scholarship in his komos brian calvert tells us no experience is necessary it's the grand prize every parent dreams about and the idea came from a brainstorming session uw women's rowing coach yaser faruk thinking how can we really ensure that we get the best possible rowers at the university of washington you guys really decided to give away a spot on the team that's exactly how and that's exactly i went so and i learned toro in college so somebody who was a walk on grower just like the all these kids are hopefully going to be assistant coach josh go trillo says this is not just about finding a member of the rolling t how can we show full commitment to these athletes who never have even picked up an or how can we show them that we're actually committed to teach in the sport and that there is value in uh in this for them you see rowers rarely start out as rovers while i was a tennis player in high school and for his good is the uw program is beauty born to know how many members of the team are actually walk odds every year we have gosh i want to say probably 75 kids came out straight up so you see as hard as it is to believe the uw would aboard a full scholarship and the police on the team to a complete newbie it's actually part of the programmes dna we've always recruited walk on but many of them are already at the university when we find them now with this first hometown huskies women's rowing scholarship the uw has a way to reach out at coaches and athletic directors' at the state's high schools even the if the school doesn't have a rolling programme pay your pretty good at volleyball swimming running whatever it is and.

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