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Franchise hitches he can't play for you but what else do you have there and you get rid of stand you don't get anything return that's why i don't understand i get starling castro who you're going to trade and i get a couple of middle prospects though might get something in you through in thirty million dollars i it it was there better offer i i'm going to guess there wasn't a better offer hayward i can give you anything in return and we were to throw in thirty million dollars done yup all i was listening to boston sports radio and they were going crazy of their because the story up there is at the boston red sox didn't even engage the marlins in trying to get stanton and they were like you didn't even try it didn't make give a shock because i don't care how much they pay a player they're paying pains organ in prices anyway their own crazies say with the mets york's 430 though i might princess was crushing the saying this is the player you needed to stay relevant with the team across away but it always feels like we're on the cusp of it being a mets city amidst on it's always every couple of years you'll hear every five to seven years yunos could they're on the verge being a message town we you know you had the rotation there you had four you had harvey degrom neil not much offense but you know a smattering there you're in the world series three years ago in you felt like all boy you're on the cusp here and the yankees are down a little bit but i i do agree with mike princessa the match should have been all in on stanton just just to provide some offense and make sure you didn't get to the yankees but the thing with the red sox is they should have gone all in on otani like that would have been the guy that i want nudging carlos stanton otani's of bargain now stands cost you he's costing eur three hundred million dollars and this guy who's injuryprone as well but he uh he left town through a little dirt on the marlins there and um everything's great with baseball the yankees her back we'll take a break we'll talk about the patriots in what happened last night as we move towards the big showdown with the steelers will do that next bite here on the dan patrick show you are listening to the day and patrick show one extra sports 1300 from the anderson and lopez traffic center here's an extra sports look at the.

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