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Automation of the church is to show the world. Who got it got a screen. So for missing off Specht of him, then we're not fully catching that he's into the world wise, creativity important mall, simply because. Iskra from a Christian perspective, humanity good. He used to create us. Which is when you think about it in itself, overwhelming thought. Welcome to the made new podcast produced by stories journal, and walnut creek church, where we share stories of lives made new got us doing remarkable things. We wanna record what he's doing all around us. I'm Jackie crane on today's episode will introduce you to Elliott czar, who has been designing writing and creating for the local church has entire life. Elliot's are as the new creative director humble bees, and we got a chance to talk to him about the role of creativity and racial reconciliation in the church. Listen in on my conversation with Elliot. Can you tell me a little bit about your family.

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