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The lift off and this fourth of July celebrate with incredible offers during the Chevy drive event going on now a your southern California Chevy dealers discover more is so cal Chevy dot com the goal god has power six is official custom jeweler offering custom gold jewelry accessories grills and sunglasses find the latest collaboration with blue face why are and and fabulous collection at the goal dot dot com or the goal god store on Fairfax Avenue across from supreme Los Angeles for one day one park tickets to Disneyland resort when you hear your water must do to me okay your water twenty years seven twenty turning get some writing down names I'm checking it twice in a given them everyone's been done the game is up down isn't that the most deadly is done he must I like it to one of my mother my I think it's but I'm not what you do is you go with something good is the bread of my first doesn't mind doing it that's my next why can't we just the because they said in the same so you might as well because some of my name everything that the only place to play so the old great from the greatest right now you different some right no names on there second prize and I'm getting them the real was been dying the delay is there any missing this is dirty that's how I like it too well I'm not I just what is they can generations just that was about to go on the a young right on the project we this is the yeah I'm a student I just something they might I can give me some naked just to make you please only always on this season no way down and it was.

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