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Number four echo dot com. It's Saturday July 30th, we've made it to the weekend, everybody. Welcome in. One 28 in the morning. And good morning to Ian Crawford in the WTO P traffic center. Well, there you know updating our work zones on the capitol beltway in Virginia. Let's start there because they are the more problematic thing to talk about. Still moving on the outer loop through the work zone after the GW Parkway near the bridge deconstruction that is underway at exit 44 for Georgetown pike and Virginia route one 93. Single left gets by, there will be stoppages overnight. Plan on that, we've already had at least one, but for the moment things are flowing along fairly well, though they're pretty sizable backup coming off the leech and bridge trying to get past this one. Interloop your work zone begins after exit 50 for route 50 Arlington boulevard. It's a single left lane as you pass beneath all the new and old ramps at I 66, which passed that heading toward Tyson's everything is golden. On three 95 and on 95, everything is quiet now as far as south as Fredericksburg, earlier crash activity we had southbound near woodbridge is gone, 66, nothing outstanding at the moment. Everything seems to be flowing along fairly well, and try and keep it down. In Maryland on 95 and on the Baltimore Washington Parkway between the bellwethers, we are okay, but southbound is coming through Baltimore city. A little shock to the system crash activity 95 southbound near the rams for Maryland route two 95, the north end of the Baltimore Washington Parkway it's blocking two left lanes, but again, not causing more than just a jump start to the heart as you're passing it, which passed it everything is fine. Ian Crawford WTO traffic. Storm team four tracking your weekend and what should be a great Saturday. We've got a cold front making its way through the area right now and that means that a good

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