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To that. I respond Colgate. Yes. The toothpaste company. Colgate frozen entrees playboys, never nude phase and celery jello salads. And what do they have in common? And what did they tell us about big data? Okay. For the three things again celery, jello salads, playboys never nude phase Colgate for entrees. Okay. Playboy's never knew phase at celery, jello salads, man. Can I say something funny, but the big data back in the day when I was in by the way, texts nine eight nine seven three four here. Mike fastening story back in the day. When I was in internet video would be not uncommon for us to go to Madison Avenue, New York, and we'd sit down and all the creative minds that say, we think about this. You know, we was you wanna fireable video. So can you make us a viral? What's in your else? What I sold. I had a company that was a big data company. I sold to WPP. Big huge PR firm ad agency thing I'm there's an NDA to non-disparagement clause. Involved. But you also have pretty funny. I don't even know if they I'm assuming they used actually no data on this. But you have very funny Zun stories as well. Oh my goodness. You no, we'll talk soon servicemen. David. We would go in to two companies in. It's a big data. They want because we got a package. Data. Do you like two slices because the three that's too much? You won't even fit in your closet. So yeah, we look for ninety nine seven three candy's, mics or your.

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