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Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode were two astronauts landed somewhere on another planet and the the they were confronted by a monster a giant woman played by Agnes Moorehead but we didn't know until the end that they were each astronauts we thought they were the ET's yes what what what was that the deal would be with those techniques market character was actually the human yes yeah I need to slap him with a broom right right they're very witchy let's not go next to Walter in Allentown Pennsylvania hello Walter sure yeah I just wanna thank doctor doctor shows start once again for staying awake with us and and lightning us what is great conversation he's a great guest George George with all due respect to up the lake Dr Stanton Friedman I was stolen domino is a great friend of yours who was always a pleasure to listen to him as well but George I think that Dr Friedman had a tendency to turn the ufology intellect acquires I. religion but he seems to sort of take you know the incidents like Roswell supposedly the incident the Roswell are baggy and Barney hill let me see you soon that they come up the ways we at face value he but still well trusting of low what he heard during Georgia's I've said in my opinion skepticism is the backbone of science so without skepticism science becomes a religion one I've said skepticism is healthy there's nothing wrong with being a skeptic as long as you have an open mind to get the answer you know George today there's very little grade school kids you know you can get a drone out of the catalog they're flying the drones around they seem to defy gravity at then No spin around on a dime and not all people share in order but you have to ask yourself George you know the human life is not a perfect scientific instruments our eyes are susceptible to pathology you dead glaucoma macular degeneration you didn't get floaters in in your in the vitreous which seems like you know you're seeing things in your in your optical field of view that aren't really there so there's also you have to you have to limit all the you know the the reasonable explanations before you can actually say that well we're being visited no there's no question you have to but you have to wait this and go through all of it but keep in mind we don't have drones and things like that back in nineteen forty seven when Kenneth Arnold spotted these things flying around the shoulder out there somewhere so what was it what was the one thing that got you interested in joining Saudi well I you know I know it's hard for me to say George I think it was honestly a book I read as a grad student when I was doing some observations in the Owens valley of California for my thesis and it was three in the morning I was the only one on the side and I think that this book that it just come out by Carl Sagan and by a Russian physicist and was called intelligent life in the universe and I yeah and you know it's three in the morning I realized if I gosh the the very antennas I was using to study galaxies could also be used to prove that there's somebody out there and that was at least a three in the morning a pretty interesting idea second of course wrote the book contact and was a believer that they're busy T. life out there as well yes we actually did some study experiments not many but he did some what's the protocol if you could get a signal that you could convince yourselves that it was bonafide that it was coming from some intelligent force out there what's the protocol and let us know well there is a protocol involved in in rewriting the protocols but into protocols only three three things a very simple one check the signal of course of course secondly hello everybody it also of course you can even avoid that and three don't broadcast anything back until you know you run a bike that's right be safe at the protocol but I can tell you that the protocols actually don't come into play very quickly in case you find a signal that looks interesting because the word gets out right away in the media star calling it one of the was an advanced race out there whose theory was let's send signals to planets everywhere and see who responds and then we're gonna go and destroy them and plunder them and take their resources well I think you know I is that possible well I suppose it's possible I can't speak to the you know the mental makeup of all those aliens but on the other hand if that that's a very expensive a proposition so you better have some good justification for.

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