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So that people can see it on their. That's what so Great Andrew About these Gospel topics essays. Once they started coming out and they came out euchre mentally over about a three year period. Then they came out with some even shorter ones. Historical Gospel topics essays. And what's great about them is you can send the Mormon to their own official website where they can read the same things that I might be saying, or you might be saying, and it's really hard for them to him. I took it out of context or I. Embellish the count the account to make it sound bad. It's right there. In their own material and I have referred people back to their own website. Numerous Times say go read it for yourself. Come back and let's talk about it. And that's that those essays have been great. That was I had to one. There was missionaries are coming, and and soon as I gave them their own documents, they were like They didn't come back, so yeah, so Joseph Smith the the accounting that lead up to his death. And how he actually died. the Church of Jesus Christ latter-day. Saints has a account for this. And the question I'd like to. Ask. Is it accurate, and so could you give us the history of I? The church's account of what happened. And then let's go through the real account. What happened and see if they both lineup? Okay. Let me. Let Me I. Qualify This what I'm going to be looking at or sources that the les. Church has published so that would be their account. Now, there are some details in this. Akao at have been I guess you could say whitewashed over time, but they're really entered the minor accounts, and not really all that important. I think that as Christians. We can talk to a ladder to say about the events leading up to Joseph Smith's demise, just by referring to their own resources, whether it's the documentary his of the Church, which is what they call the blue history because they were bound in a blue hardcover. And there were seven volumes. Very, well, respected history that there. Historians often went to to recap women. But then the church in two thousand, eighteen came out with a new history book called Saints The Standard of truth. and. This is the first of four volumes that are going to be released over time the second ball. You has already been released. And I, I got to be quite honest with the annual I have been amazed at. The transparency or honesty, if you will of this new history book, it brings things out that I think would probably embarrass a lot of fateful latter-day saints and I've said this Eric and I did a series on this book the first volume. I. I often made the comment that if I was not a member of the church, and I was given this by a Mormon neighbor to read about the history of more than movement, I would not join the church after reading it. Because Joseph Smith. Doesn't look all that great in this history, he looks like the a man who was a badger character had a bad behavior made dumb decisions, hardly what we would consider to be a prophet of God, because he's claiming revelations, and then a lot of these things don't happen the way. The revelation said it was supposed to happen. I'll give me an example. It talks about Zion's camp. where the camp of Israel were Mormons were kicked out of Independence Missouri. Joseph Smith claimed he had a revelation from. To raise a small army and Goget that land back for the saints, well, he raises the small army, but he never gets the land back for the saints. They're actually stopped from doing that. will if I was a outside or reading account like that I would wonder what kind of a prophet is this? WHO CLAIMS TO HAVE REVELATIONS? But yet they don't seem to come forth, and certainly deuteronomy, thirteen and boot around eighteen that would be a pretty telltale test of a true or false bar profit. One is what he says going to happen, really happen. And in many. Cases, it doesn't happen. Which would show you that Joseph? Smith was a fraud. But when it comes to the death of Joseph Smith. Really it all boils down to some of the behavior that Joseph Smith was exhibiting in Nabu Illinois, which is a town that you might say the Mormons really built up. It wasn't that it was never there before it just had a different name when they moved in. It was known as Commerce Illinois, and then as the Mormon started migrating into this town, started growing like crazy in some of said, even wrote root rot rival Chicago at the time. And so Joseph. Smith of course is at this time in the eighteen forties. He's starting to marry a of women polygamous. But at the same time, this is not something that's being proclaimed publicly. Only a few select men that were very close to Joe. Smith knew about this. Many of them practiced it themselves secretly. But there were some men who became privy to us that founded abhorrent. And they decided to get together at least seven of them. In fact, I have their names here. They were William. Law Who is a member of the first presidency since eighteen forty one. Wilson Law's brother who was a brigadier general in the Nabu Legion which was like a militia that Joseph Smith had there was another guy by the name of Austin. Cowles, who is a member of the novel High Council. There was James Blake XLII. Who is a seventy now? This is still pretty pretty prominent position in the church. And then there were some prominent businessmen also involved Robert Foster. Chauncey higby and Charles Evans. These guys got together to publish. A newspaper called the Nabu X. Positive. It was meant to expose Joseph Smith's abuse of power and the fact that he was practicing polygamy secretly. and. Because of this newspaper only came out with one edition, it was supposed to be a weekly edition came out one time and early Jim. And Joseph Smith found out about it as you can imagine. He was pretty upset at what these men had said about him. Now he naturally accused them of lying, making up things or embellishing things, which that's very typical when a person has caught, that's usually the first response you know is to say it's all made up, and it's just meant to slander well. That's exactly how Joe Smith. Took it now. You have to understand Joseph Smith was the mayor of with this time, so he has some pretty significant power in this area of the state, so he has a city council meeting. And a reading from volume six of the history of the church, this is the blue bound.

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