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Also, it's a twenty dollar buy in, but that money goes to charity. Right? It's the mellow Esquire chairs the melon kids gotta eat Kennedy, buy new clothes for myself in go out to eat. Also, that's a lie. We are going to donate the money to charity of some some sort. I think he had one in line they already do with some different fantasy leagues, so we're gonna do that. All your money is going to go there. It's for a good cause. I'm going to be just requesting trades out to ask. I'm on whatever I have to win. I can't lose. Well, you're like the expert, right? So I can't lose. You've never one. Our fantasy football league did not win last year though. You've never. I don't even know. Do you make the playoffs last year because whole port Coggin port. Cat got mad at me. Cou important cotton. On a bed of pork mad at me. So yeah, I did when I was looking forward to it though, because one of my favorite things to do about this whole show is just interacting with our listeners. I don't have to kiss your ass because you're already listening, but I really do enjoy it. Just being able to have the banter back and forth on Twitter hit on your girlfriend. Have a used to have a fantasy league with the stick to football girlfriend. Talking about fantasy suites. Andrew luck jerseys and that'd be fun. Yeah. So that's what we have going on also going on around the league, Jimmy g. let's just go. Sweets. What's I want to dissect this? I know you did some film breakdown a lot of film breakdown. Let me tell you I'm sore. Yeah, but I don't care that he is dating a porn star or even if he wasn't dating. I don't care if he had a one night stand of the porn star. I don't care is always it's two consenting adults here we're talking about NFL player, like, let's just be happy. They were in the same spot together and no one. Got right. Yeah, or that it did it, he's not married and he's stepping out, do cares do what makes you happy? And if that's a porn star, so be like everybody has history, right? You've just seen hers have you and she's a handle or. Yeah, especially after today, because if I'm full disclosure, her name didn't pop up on my radar. Which was surprising. Yeah. But then I, I broke the film down. I don't know key, maybe a great PR move by her by her. Oh, I'm sure she leaked it to TMZ. Oh, it has to be there. Right? Like hers handler, I don't know how that in district work. I don't know. I think they're probably called like managers or able. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Just start calling it your hand. That work. Care, Spanish, people like that. Your your Britt mchenry's all pissed off on Twitter. Don't follow her as she's like mad on Twitter because this is a bad look. It's a bad look for the forty Niners yet there are much much bigly political chair, people that have also dated appoint star. So what the hell may is two thousand eighteen if you're data porn, star data, porn, star. Yeah, I would love to know you wouldn't now find not pay Earl Thomas lots traded. So there's that this is something that's not even news we. He told everyone at the end of the season. He ran down Jason Garrett and was like, hey, come get me. He obviously wants traded, and then you see everything going on with the Seahawks. It's of course he wants out his Cam chancellor. He's gone, Richard chairman, gone, Brandon, Browner, gone legion of where argue all, where did you go? Yeah. And you have have Russell Wilson? Exactly. Who just the biggest weirdo quarterback in the NFL and possibly Artis ano- bubble though. Got to be working for him, whatever he's doing. It helped because he's with CR, so running backs are coming to be on Bell's defense this. I'm actually very interested in because it's rare. I think for guys hundred contract to be outspoken, Lebanon. Bell doesn't get it a long term deal. And Todd Gurley comes out and it's like, hey, how can you be one of the best players in the game and not get your money and he's going to be up soon..

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