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Dji what do you think about oh what uh lavarra is is creating an saying in and you you take on that but also of the follow to that have you guys ever i i do think even with all the treasonous little up to the bars saying that the fact that they started their own shoot thing is interesting but have you guys ever thought about starting your own shoe brand with lebrun i know jordan has these but it's still keep nike but i i do think bill lebron's star so high that if he wanted to start his own shoe company proudly could do it route route revise i respect rivaro entered mad at her father and i hope now with my crime could order i'm i'm much passionate about their next fed by here on after pretaped nike now lacking lackey's a great brand um prior has a great partnership with nike he's got an unbelievable business and and you know uh i i think you know look broad an an and what you david through the partership for nike has been transcending a lot of ways and uh look forward to that relationship forever so you what are you guys thinking about maybe doing a certain similar to jordan brand when his days are over with that could have a a legacy in that company for a long time oh yeah i mean i think i think we're brought a hell of a business get that survive if his career now part for shore now uh that's what you work hard for efforts to do the things you know and that was actually the question what because we can say way into something like you know when you have a signature should business people already understand it's not just about having your own shoot is about having a happy told actually build a business and you know we you know i think a lot of times our kids are all.

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