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Advantage currently here to tell you about our new podcast red eyes extra mile your one stop shop for all things trucking we'll talk about everything from taking care of your rig and taking care of your health the new products and technology regulations and new ways to stay focused on the road ahead you can listen while you're driving you can listen while you're not driving red eyes extra mile available on apple podcast Google podcast stitcher June and Spotify and our website when I radio show dot com the news doesn't take a summer vacation we're in Los Angeles at the Brea and launch it's just more glaring as the night goes on LA city and police and fire sellout mandir the land man on the moon this call this wall there's definitely a crowd of growing on every overpass that we see people want to get a glimpse and see if this is in fact OJ coming down the freeway wherever you are we're here all summer long newsradio WTMJ so as we come up on Labor Day which became a national holiday in eighteen ninety four I started wondering the people really know what it celebrates women about to burst babies not quite it was originally promoted by labor unions to honor the contributions workers have made to the country if it's about working why do we get the day off I don't know but what I do know it is the best time of the year to save on remaining new two thousand nineteen cars and trucks have one of the one hundred and fifteen add a member dealerships during their Labor Day clearance sales you'll save more than you ever thought possible the selection is awesome and financing rates are as low as zero percent plus the lease deals are amazing so don't miss The Addams Labor Day sales this week wait if it's Labor Day sales wise it all week I've had enough for you to say in the Labor Day clearance sales in September third so get to an auto dealer of metro Milwaukee today to find your nearest Adam dealer visit a D. A. M. M. dot com the book of genesis tells us that god made all things but it won't answer every question about when and how and why god did it that's because genesis is mostly about getting to know god Dr Michael Ziggler begins a new series of messages based on the first book of the Bible here his message begin again this week on the Lutheran hour Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty W. T. M..

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