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Wrong stone music now is brought to you by showstopper a podcast from spotify that explores the unique sounds and songs of your favorite films and tv shows have the most memorable musical moments was showstopper returning monday november 27th exclusively on spotify wrong stone music now is brought to you by ice shares wembley retire or safer for college for every when unita how i shares understands how to build for tomorrow today i shares by black rock inspired to build am his since brings stone music now and today we have in the studio owned mr donald fagan which this is an honor thank you for being here down thank you for having me so you know i would start by talking about a song not from ear very extensive catalogue but actually a song by the eels dead of winter that's a song that you and i guess your wife posted on facebook posted lyrics in honor of walter becker who who we ago loss very recently what was it about that song i was sees a beautiful said lewis beautiful song i was struck by that post well to my wife's a huge fan of of the ills in there we give us something to some of the ethnic somber and appropriate about it let's hear that for just a moment and don't forget cyber hall breathing new coal loons.

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