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But we've only finished the first of three lags on this journey to the yukon beginning the second leg. Jack must make a choice as he sets foot on. Alaskan soil. does he hid out from the established overnight. Town of or should he get going from its neighboring and fellow nascent the now thriving town skagway. The two are only a few miles apart from each other but each leads to the start of very different trails over some serious mountains die will take him through the chilcott pass. I'll skagway leads to the white pass. Both have their pros and cons. Luckily you don't have to decide. I'm going to take you on both. Not wanting to ditch jack london just yet. Let's fall him on the chill coot basically this trails for fans of mountaineering. So i hope jacqueline has been working on as cardio and doing his endurance training. Chill coot is grueling. Thirty three mile path that increases several thousand miles in elevation and the last half miles is just cruel in that short distance along the trail. Climbs one thousand feet. It is so steep here. It actually has a fifteen hundred step. Staircase carved into the ice and snow appropriately. The gold fever stampedes call it. the golden staircase. Have you ever seen klondike. Gold rush photos of countless people warmly covered from head to toe ascending steep snow-covered paths in a line longer than those at an amusement park during peak hours. If so it's probably a photo from the chill cute trail in a case that doesn't sound difficult enough to some of you endurance athletes. Let's add a ton of weight to the equation. I mean that ton literally as in two thousand pounds. Naturally the exact number will differ for every klondike. But that's a fair estimate. In addition to their clothes and equipment are required by canadian. Lot to bring a one year supply of food if they skimp amount team very well. Stop them right here on the path summit so in order to move. Although supplies klondike are going back and forth on this arduous thirty three mile trail our future author jack. London figures that in moving his gear. He traveled each mile of the chill. Could pass twenty to thirty times. Good god if jack wasn't in shape when he got here he is now some get help moving their gear. By hiring less well-off stampedes or indigenous packers before personally setting off this massive eighteen ninety seven to ninety eight gold rush schuylkill. Jim in george karmic. Met doing this job here on the shelf pass in fact. Jim's nickname scoop them comes from that work. Scuba means strong in its new jargon and that's certainly inaccurate description of this well built physically powerful tag man. Okay now let's check out the other out the white pass trail here. We are back at the head of the tei inland. We're just a few miles away from die now. In skagway this path is longer. It's also significantly easier so if you're looking at one of those photos of stampede is still in a ridiculously long line but on far more level terrain and accompanied by horses might have been taken here and yes not being so steep. It needs a little staircase to surmount. Stampede can use horses to carry their supplies through the white pass. Nice unfortunately some conquers knowledge of and concern for their beasts of burden does not equal. They're interesting getting gold. As a result the over pack and overwork their horses as the fatigued animals trudge along the slick. Snowing boulder covered trail might slip and sometimes deadly results as tens of thousands of klondike take this path. Hundreds of horses plummet to their death on the white pass trail of course. Horses aren't the only casualties on these trails. All sorts of dangers await stampede. My dine avalanche like the one that kills forty three men climbing chill cute on april third eighteen ninety eight then hypothermia disease as well suicide and even murder short as the second leg of the journey may be. It's the most dangerous but those stampede who persevere through either the chill or white passes aren't done yet the other side only puts them at the headwaters of the yukon river usually at lake lindemann or it. They now have to build their own boats and take them the last five hundred or so miles dawson city. This goes smoothly for some like author. Jack london having taken the chill cooed pass. he's now at lake linden. He and his group take two weeks to build a boat. Then push off on the lake the white horse rapids post plenty of danger but they manage it then co safely through the more placid remaining four hundred miles all told they spend about one month and they're small watercraft others aren't so lucky beyond struggling to build about so many lives are claimed by the waters here that the canadian police begin to regulate travel for instance. If a party includes women and children they're flat out forbidden from the white horse rapids. They'll have to carry their boats down past that point before getting on the water. So we've made it to dawson city and there are many fascinating fun stories that can be told of life. Appear perhaps best known. is that of the successful prospector. Swiftwater bill gates who offers the renowned beauty in nassau girl. Gussie more weight in gold. If she'll marry him she turned him down flat. But alas we can't -tarian pan. For gold bonanza creek time is short and we cannot let this episode in without meeting the legendary. Connie who's taken over. The last frontier city of skagway got to hurry his long.

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