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Heat wave last at least seven days tomorrow. Temperatures will range from the mid nineties. To 108 degrees away from the coast. Anthony Honest NBC for Right now, it's 75 Laguna Beach 84 in Anaheim, 79 in West Hollywood, and 84 in Burbank. We lead local live from the CAF by 24 hour news room. I'm Gina grad We're keeping an eye on the fires. And we have a very talented reporter from Who is used to covering these fires, and she's been doing for a long, long time. And now she has a brand new show over there. And her name is Wendy. Virtue. Wendy, How are you? Him. I'm fine. How are you doing? Also a viral sensation. I think the last time I was here it was all about. I think someone puked on me on the Fourth of July on live television found familiar, And that's probably only like the fifth. The worst thing that somebody's done to you on camera. I think my claim to fame is if you Google reporter puked on, I come up now like 100 million times. That you've been covering these fires for, you know, for quite a while. Are you still out doing that? Or are they giving you a different assignments nowadays? But I had a time of this summer. Yes, I'm still in the news pics, So you know it could be You never know what the day will bring. Today, I delivered a very important report where I told people that it was hot outside because how would they have figured that out? Unless I was standing at Lake Balboa telling people it was That is not God's work. I'd like to say it's God's work someday. But really, I had a plum assignment this summer. I kind of got off of the day today news beat and my assignment was to travel throughout California, Southern California and my destination, California. Extravaganza. That's really cool. Now. When is the show going to be on it? And it's called Destination, California, right? That's right. So we have to be about doing this. Probably a couple months after Kobe we were just about to come out of what we thought was that stage one hoping that there would have been a setback. But but but the motivation of the story with this with this it was Tio. We knew people were cabin. That cabin fever with code Captain fever, everyone who's been in for such a long time. But really people had to rethink travel. You know, it was all about that safer home mandate. What we realised, too, is that our home is really seven California and there was still a lot we could do their work places you could go in our own backyard you could face if you could stay socially distant and you could really have A good time on a dime. That was the challenge how to have a little fun with not a lot of money, which now is where people are right now, right? And that's why a lot of people, you know if you go out to buy a boat nowadays, you can't find one anywhere because people during the pandemic discovered That having no money in a savings account was not buying them any happiness and they were going to spend it on a boat is a perfect thing to get out there. We can grab the kids and get you know 1000 feet from everybody. That an R V. R V Park are going crazy. RV sales have gone through the roof they had in two months at Mike Thompson, RV in just May in June. They sold more RVs. And they did all of last year lab that would surprise me with pizza. Newport Dunes that great RV park down in Newport Beach. I'll write Replace Paul. It was fantastic. I saw some people at my dear RV is better than my condo. You know, I use that we use that RV park a couple of years ago. And we had a space on the fourth row, which is like way back, you know, from the beach, and as we're checking in, somebody had just had to leave early and their space became available right on the beach. And so we pull in there with one right on the beach, and I didn't even ask him what the price was because we're paying $35 way back there. I thought maybe $40 or 50 bucks. It was 240 at night. Carlton figure The Ritz Carlton. I stayed there, too. You know about these luxury hotels right now. The great thing about them is that they're really operating like 50% capacity. So you get the amenities And by the way, these rooms have never been clear These hotels one day people are worried about going in, and I'm like my temperature was checked more in this hotel stay that has been probably the last five years, but Nonetheless, I really felt safe traveling. Really did. I mean we took up precautions. All the activities were all outside. We ate outside, But I got to tell you, the accommodations made me feel very safe and we really had a great time. It was like the perfect scenario in many ways because you were staying at these great places. It would have the crowds right and it'll be a big discount as well. The only hotel I stayed at during the pandemic was Thie Hilton Garden I up in Central California. And not a hard Oh, yeah, I went real big. Not only wasn't the cleanest room I've ever been in, but the actual remote control for the TV was was in plastic and shrink. Remember the good old days when the only thing I had to worry about in the hotel was a bedbug. That's right. Yeah, right on, And it's crazy, but I know also, this room was sealed. There was a sticker on the outside. You know, Once the house would you open it? Yeah, they seal the room. And I felt one. I felt better in that hotel than I did at home. Today. I felt the same way the only real difference that I saw room service If you want, it will take forever. They just don't have the the staffing to get things out quick. And also you should get your own bags, And there's not valet parking. And most of the brief Stephen I and once, but this is all okay. I mean, this is all these air. You know these air Personal problems that somehow I think we'll all get through this. All right. So when is when is your show on? Give us the time and day we'll check it out. Saturday, seven PM What we had was doing these reports every week on case yellow and we've wrapped up into one big half hour special and you'll get to see the best of everything with which the mountains were out. Riverside were speculative. We had the beaches and like I said, I really tried to give people an idea of what.

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