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Good. Stop taking. What if I told you years, I'm better all round shape that you are. So I said here that is not going to end now we will move on. Why are Westbrook dreads still going after each other much like these two and their workouts. We'll discuss. The dodgers got a huge win last night in thirteen innings to even the series at two. I know some members of our staff stayed up for that one. That was a bit late for me today. They've got clean Gersh on the mound catch game, five of the at four eastern on f s one I am looking forward to it, but let let's get back to the NBA because the warriors got their shining championship rings and revealed their new banner last night. Then they face the thunder minus Russell Westbrook, and early in the game. Russ appeared to be yelling at Kevin Durant from the bench. Then Katie Sam down instead of running down the court, the thunder kept the game close. But in the end, the warriors one, one await one hundred Shannon. What is your take on that moment between Ross. Age Russell is disappointed that that Katy lift in Katie made it abundantly clear. One of the reasons that he left that he feels he couldn't win and championship with the players that he had. Now Russ is a player in. Okay, see, so you take that as a slight, but also Katie look at you actually think Stephen Adams can post me up. This is not Joel Embiid. This is not. Anthony Davis. Basically usually run set for Stephen Adams. He's a put back lob guy. You don't run for him and you talking about throwing about polls meal. So katie's like, okay, okay, who white ball his hand fan break. He looked like now what I can't believe you. Russ, I can't believe you skip nine LeBron went back home after Miami. I don't. I don't see a reunion with Katie if he leave Golden State. I don't see him going back to. Okay. See, maybe you do, but I don't see that type of union in their future now to the game. What am I gonna say, skip. I mean, Katie was off. He didn't. I mean, Katie was off. Klay was off, then you got a guy. There's a two time MVP go get your thirty. Two almost has a triple double. That's a great luxury to have skipped that. You're two in three options can be off, but a number one who they number one every other team, except a handful can carry you because we've seen this before. This is Golden State. They seem so disinterested at times they throw the ball away like three or four times in a row team makes run Adam. And then all of a sudden this says, okay, let's get serious. Okay, splash splash by Steph, splash by Katie, give breaks ankle to get to the rack Klay hicfa three. The next thing you know they're back up to you. This is what and this is what they're gonna have to guard against all. Yes, get wait. They like what meal when we get to play out, would it actually mean something to us? They're loaded again. This is not. I believe they're going to be the favourite with or without boogie cousins. They get buggy and he gives. Them half what he's capable of their unbeatable they're unbeatable we don't. We don't see team with the previous year five of those guys start of all stars. We don't see that Barry often in this what they could potentially have in February. Probably Mark. Beating his team, skip. They loaded Katie was off nine or Twenty-one claim. His fifteen shots is still win by eight points because now you got Steph go level the twenty five or nine from three. He gives you thirty two this, this is what you up against. You can have. They can have an off night because they got three guys can go get thirty forty fifty to drop overhead. Your team can't have enough night. 'cause you have enough night. They beat you about. They beat you about twenty or thirty. They have enough night. They beat about eight. So back the original question, there is deep lingering bitterness between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, and it's never ever going to go away in this is still the best subplots soap opera in all of the NBA. Because if you step back from what has happened, the last two years since Kevin set, I can't win with him. I'm going to join forces with them. Look at what they have done. The two of them individually..

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