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Game that you called to expertly with the kids play and all that. That was just a great win in New Orleans. That's the last time he threw for 300, Elijah Mitchell. 104 yards. Debo Samuel, nine for 1. 89 is the first time in a while that they've had 33 New York passed 100 Yard receive 100 Yard Russia. Those are all the good things There are 41 17. So you see it feel good. But then the end it ends up 41 33 in the big story, obviously Jason Verrett and what we're going to do at the corner position long term, because if you looked or watched yesterday, Matthew Stafford is great Kyler Murray at Tennessee was great. And Russell Wilson at Indianapolis is great. You're gonna play great quarterbacks in the division. Oh, by the way, week three, probably a fist off Aaron Rodgers, who wasn't good yesterday. In fact, his worst professional game they got beat 38 3 by the scenes. We get more into the NFL, but a lot of quarterbacks coming and they got to get that figured out. We will talk about it in about nine minutes. With Dante Wittner, who was great on TV. As was Joe. I actually went back and watched those guys to check it out. So Dante in about 10 minutes on all of it, and the Joe show later, so we got them both. So we're very well covered. We gotta get to kill spokes on the air as well. And Laura. But Elijah Mitchell, Um we didn't see him much in the preseason. He had the abductor. Injury did not play into the last preseason game against the Raiders, and there he is on kickoff coverage immediately making a tackle, and he did not play on coverage and, uh in college, Louisiana Lafayette Ah, he was going to be the number one kickoff returner. And that all changed when Raheem carried the ball twice and he goes out. So I'm sure a lot of people are wondering about Trey Sermon versus Elijah Mitchell. We could feel that coming Once Mitchell got healthy and clearly the week of practice leading up to the lion game, and even before that, Trey sermon. The one thing that's good about him is he runs kind of like a veteran. He's a patient runner kind of Levian bell like, But lady in Bell is Levian Bell, and he's not leaving on bell anymore. We'll see in the night against the Raiders. Playing for Baltimore, but he's lost his juice, but If you want to play for Bobby Turner, uh, being patient is not the way to go. You've got to hit that It's one cut and it's downhill and you go and Trey sermon is got to figure out how to run this system. Now he ran a lot of it. At Ohio State. He ran at Oklahoma who did and eventually But he's got to hit it harder the way Elijah Mitchell hits it, and he just hits it and he's got great speed. Rain of 433. And you can see the speed when he got into the second level. But then the power £200 and you know, he was played bigger and college, he was up to 2 15 and his prayer. Initial of 40 times. Not great, so he tapered down. Uh, he ran about four or five and now at 200 to 433. But the ability to run through a tackle at the second level, so this is big time. Elijah Mitchell. Uh, what he did right away is not, you know, overall, took over 104 yards as a rookie round six draft pick in your first game. Wow. Who is this guy see the next coming of Terrell Davis. I don't know about that. But let let let's just see where it all goes. And then the big thing will be today, John. When Kyle meets the media and Dr McAdams, they do an MRI on Rahim's knee and see exactly what Is going on with that knee, how long he's going to be out. J. Michael Hasty is a good back. You lost Wayne Goldman. That's one of the things we talked about was which one of these bags could you cut and bring back? I thought you could cut calm and then bring him back. But Atlanta jumped all over him, so he is no longer available. If you get bad news on Mostert, and I think you have to brace for he's going to be out a period of time. Hopefully, it's not extended time. But you know what's the likelihood will be able to play in Philadelphia on Sunday would trace sermon then be up for the game? More than likely would you have to bring somebody else in it? Uh, Jeff Wilson Jr is still weeks away from being able to come back. But that was a hell of a performance yesterday from Elijah Mitchell. I knew he had it in him, John. But who the hell thought he's gonna go? For one? Oh, four and a 38 yard touchdown of his first NFL game. Yeah, it was good, by the way, Great call 73 of his 104 rushing yards and pressure friends. Came after contact and he's between the tackles, guys, So he looked good. And then he's got that burst. And at the end of that 38 yard, he broke that. That tackle and good Look, I don't want to be negative because they're up. 41 17. They're playing well, and this very thing gets stuck in your head. I think that the running back position even though I love Mostert and and really think He's going to be critical, but they did. Such a good job in the off season of of creating depth and running back was one of those positions, obviously, by drafting the two that they did, and Mitchell like you said, literally good and Tasty. Hasty is Tim Wood column is a guy that I think can connect, you know, carry the load and from college to the pros through the annals of time. Guys come into the league and they can play young. Well, it's just one of those positions. The problem with their it was it was probably in my estimation, the corner spot the least of your depth. Even though you took the two rookies angry. Thomas took 2020 off, I think is going to take some time. Lindores interesting. He played well. If it's Mosul and Lynn are okay, and then you got a couple of veterans. But in corner makes me nervous because it was one of the few positions maybe receiver being the other that you weren't As as high on as far as the depth offensive line defensive line all these different places that they got the depth the quarterback position, they said. We're not going to get beat by this lack of depth again. But corner was one of those spots where you held your breath. So I'm okay with the running backs, at least in the short term. Like you said, As long as it's not an A C l from for most, er The corner and I don't again. It's a win, and they should feel good. But, man, this red things just got me. It's stuck in my head. Well, a manual mostly, I think is going to play in Philadelphia. I don't know, but I watched him warm up and he was running. I'm not going to say 100%, but he had a helmet on his shoulder pads on Part of me thought when I first saw him. Is he trying to prove he can fly today? But then he did it so long. He was obviously having a heavy pregame workday and he was not going to play, but he was running goal line to go line. And he was getting after it. So I think he's close. I think there is reason to assume that be optimistic. Not assume, but be optimistic that Emanuel Mosey can come back. So then you just flip out mostly for Barrett. Uh, you know where it's a better player but mostly is a good player de Mola Nor played amazing Jeff Deeney from pro football. Focus on me. The C sent me the breakdown he played 90 snaps the most of anybody on defense 69 1 coverage. They did not go at him much. They went in and little bit later in the game. They target him just three times and he had one catch for three yards allowed. He can also go inside and playing the nickel. If something were to happen to K one. So you've got and you also got Josh Norman and we'll talk to Dante about Josh Norman. I think Josh Norman at this stage of his career and really throughout his career to me, has been strictly a zone. Corner..

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