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It's great that with those and that's what I did. It's like it's been a lot of talking about the English artists don't take each other on and this and that, but when it's got different owners and different horses and obviously they're not afraid to take each other on they all want to win the big races and obviously that's why the race in Ireland is probably that much better than it is over here really because you're getting to see these good horses take each other around and get to see these top class races instead of just saying two and so you run and races like you do see over here, but plus you're going to jump them non that you're probably got the best house in Ireland rather than England I haven't told each other and you don't know which one to bet on the other, you know? That's a good point. You also have a situation where we're not racing 7 days a week. And it's not just that. It's also the fact that it's not like three cards. On the one day. So the options are smaller. So we've better horses. With a smaller pool of races, therefore, they take each other on. Or else they head over to the UK and try and win over there. Which now hasn't worked for the last two weekends. What's going on? Wait, wait. Wait, tell them it comes around. We'll fix that. I'll be fixed. That's it. Time is on our side time is on our side. Protector app. If we go up in trip. So he wins at entering the unit many clouds chase. By 25 lengths, native river ended up being sent to our favorite. I kind of fancied him for the race. The race in the end completely falls apart. Some brown finishes third. Just talk me through your overall reaction to winning margin, but also how the race played out. Yeah. When you're watching the rest, you're always always drawn to bridge it under British skeleton, actually. He was so came and are down the inside, you know? And you're taking these all the rest and the whole way. But I don't think it went as quick as he probably could go, you know, I just thought he looked a bit labored whether he just lost that little bit at all. Probably one of the strongest form I don't think, but Sam Brown is probably more of a grand national horse than the gold copper. But he can not be anything but impressed by the way I protect that one. He traveled too well, he probably done too much, he pulled for three miles and still won 25 minutes. So obviously he's got every right to take his chance in the gold cup water is good enough for a gold cup. I don't know, but he can not knock his performance on Saturday I thought it was a great performance. Yeah. Look, what are you supposed to say when a horse rocks up and does that? I mean, obviously Dan skelton has said we're going to he's going down the gold cup route and they've mapped out a plan from already because there was a suggestion that or maybe he'll go for the Ryan air, but no, it's the gold cup is what they want to do. But there is more like the honor as well in the John hill. Yeah, John is more. He wants to compete in the prestigious sorry, Michael. I'm pushing for ala Ho, by the way, to run in the Ryanair. I want him to go and run in again. But yeah, John hill wants to win a gold cup. I mean, that's just quite simple. That being said, there was a part of me was looking at it going, I was like, everything is either pulled up fallen or being thrashed. And how good are they and behind anyway? I agree. A 100%, which I think are all, I think Tiger roll, they're just trying to get them down to handicap for the ground nationally. Now, you might say that. Sean quinlan. But I couldn't possibly comment. He still too high in the handicap handicapper. Yes, have a look at him. Have a look at him. Haven't I look at him there? We can not. We can not even run a race off this man. Have a look at him. Dary me. Mark a one 65. What? I mean, what do you expect handicapper for goodness? Exactly. Exactly. Huntington earlier is going to be absolutely delighted with that now. Fits peterborough chase and Huntington goes to first flow. Ugh. I say that because. I'm almost certain I talked up quite strongly on the podcast on Thursday and had him back I thought your line before we recorded the lads up front should have been done for speaking tickets. This is a cracking one. I think there was a if there was a placement after the secondary fence there definitely be heading for speed awareness course wasn't there. Speed awareness course was all around. When you break down a race like that, what is going through the jockeys heads up front that one of them doesn't go too fast here? Is it the case of the horses or two free or is it just they're all just going no no, I want the lead. Yeah, look, everybody knows that all of mankind is a free go on horse. They normally match the run and he's like he's done it from there once and he started overheard. Whether that's all he was getting an easy lead and he got an easy lead in Monet's garden and entry. Master Tommy Tucker is a bit similar. He's a bit of a dodgy jumper. You kind of have to throw it around. That I've been trying not to interfere with him. But he was beaten after a mile, and Charlie digs us, I was quite surprised that he was kind of up there, I thought he just would have followed Harry cobden and Harry skelton, but obviously we don't know what his instructions were, but I think he's the hard to tell. You were saying before we came on, I think he's the host to take over the race. You know, he rest up with the speed. And he was the only one that kept going, where later David bass who I think wrote a perfect race. He knew because first flow like he used a residence over the spades and he taught it's just going to be a bit branded for all of us taking each other on. So I'll let the lads get on with it. He used his brand and..

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