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Something about if if you're lucky enough to have the mouse and the will. Never wanted to be. I, I, like people and. Like the world in my life I, I don't begrudge anything. and. To have come to really messed up. In, a huge way. Puts the Komo and you wear the moment that you decide that you have to carry. It's in no one's interest to to commit suicide or or or to remain useless. It is a constant driver to feel that you have to make up for lost time and and. So I'm constantly tried to fill the comic. Cup. It's encapsulated in in your in your non deploying. Does he that clean? You hit thirty big clean? Yeah. That's an old story that dates back literally decades to my teen years very good. Friend was calling me dirty here. which is the name of a cartoon character. The was around during the Sixteen Seventy S. Filthy French Canadian. thug in the. Klondike. And he gave me that name and I used to argue with him that the dirty peer wasn't entirely true after awhile. And that I should be clean peer or some other kind of peer and he never allowed it party did allow the compromise of clean. It stayed with me so long and is such a ridiculous thing that. I couldn't help put it on the book when I was first writing and how did you begin to write? by accident almost I was full of feelings I had been in the arts. I'd been designer and I was here in London I couldn't find work. I just didn't have the right buzzwords and didn't have the right glasses and. Things were very difficult and at the same time I'd been through ten years of reorientation just in myself very quiet years myself small. How'd you had therapy or anything else in the very beginning? Yeah. I'd had some put a new spin on me, which was an extraordinary psychologist..

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