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But their meeting coincides with this year's global climate summit in germany countries there are shaping how the paris agreement works and former us negotiator andrew light says he'll be closely watching what china does there this is the test of chinese leadership china long refused to allow other countries to verify its carbon pollution data two years ago in paris it finally agreed to a verification system for all countries now with a us backing out of the agreement light says the question is whether china will stick to that commitment if china is really going to step into the leadership vacuum created by the united states than they must also accept that other countries must be allowed to see what they're doing with respect to their missions because that is absolutely essential to get paris to succeed despite president trump's announced withdrawal of the us from the paris agreement the us is still in it for now and it and china will be cochairing the working group on emissions verification at the summit in germany light says that is the room that he'll be watching to read the climate policy teary if this week not the room where president trump and she are meeting for the world i'm carolyn bieler later on the show we check into the fivestar hotel that's become saudi arabia's version of club fed here on the world i'm mark a woman and you're with a world let's check in with a spanish region of catalonia today about two hundred mayors from catalonia gathered in brussels.

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