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Another we good afternoon everybody and welcome to one bills live from one bills drive Steve Tasker John Murphy right next door to new field nice us summer day here in orchard park New York blue skies warm temperatures gonna get a little bit warmer forces the week goes along happy to have you with us here today bills have their first road preseason game coming up Friday night and they're going to hit the road in fact around the a road right now Stephen they're gonna catch up later hi everybody John Murphy Steve Tasker read at the Spartanburg South Carolina for a couple days and I can't wait to see why I don't know I can wait you're a training camp junkie man hi this is gonna be so smoking hot down there yeah we have no idea although we seen one small blurry ill frame snapshot of our set up down there weren't that we do have a roof over our heads right yeah look everything's up in here I don't know right okay so we don't right so we don't know what we're going to be like it's gonna be like down there we don't know if we're gonna be two miles from the practice field or two feet right we don't know where set up it's gonna be it's an and it's in Spartanburg South Carolina which I'm sure is a very lovely place for those people who live there but in a home and I am here you're just all like don't Getty not getting what I I'm not getting I'm not getting we're gonna get there we're gonna do a week's worth of work we're gonna do night shows Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday he's using once in Spartanburg Thursday Friday in Charlotte and we're gonna you know we're gonna do what we do is set up with the team that's your post and I know that sounds that sounds easy but you know I mean you know move and work first of all going down there get everything set up doing that for two shows during practice around practice whatever the schedules gonna be in scorching heat and then we're moving again and go to another place that is is just as ill planned and unknown as that place in a bigger city and I don't know where they're gonna practice those two days I guess over the stadium well there's a walk through right so walking in the walkthrough okay so it's a it's a mock game our work out on Thursday morning in Spartanburg in the team's moving up to Charlotte after we do we're going on Wednesday Thursday morning the gap okay wait Thursday morning in my game words I thought the marking was like a live thing they're gonna lay markets a walk through yet substitution yeah because yeah when I can miss that will miss yeah yeah all right so that yeah it's a busy week I'm going to clear things up for you yeah it is a busy week and the bills so I had met today here in orchard park and then there I would think in the air right now on their way to Charlotte landed Charlotte bus to Spartanburg South Carolina but I don't have to wait headed to Wofford college where the Carolina Panthers have their training camp going to practice with the Panthers each of the next two mornings tomorrow morning nine forty five Wednesday nine forty five those practices are open to the public public they're free down there Wofford already heard from a couple of family members one in Charlotte one of the other said Caroline is in a common right you know people are be that there be some bills for answer yeah people coming down there to see the bills off a lot of bills fans down in that part of the country Charlotte North Carolina specially I got that I got tweeted at today by some guy who named his kid Tasker did you hear that today I heard you read I don't know if you'll stand is that can be real right I would do a little investigation into that I can get my own family member's name a kid after is that my kids will do it in this guy's in Caroline yeah as cake in the east is red name his my his buddy name his first kid Tasker wow and they're coming to the joint practice tomorrow excellent well I hope you get to meet him the probably beat several women I don't know if I want to meet AT everywhere you go where women hold the babies for you to invest in inspectorate listen jot time you land in a new city no usually it's like my mom loves you is and usually but I how can I live up to that like there is like I'd wager where they're like oh my gosh it you're the guy name my kid after you've right change your ways hi what hospital time what happened to you Hey that's what's going to happen so that's that's another good reason to go to Carolina we're looking forward to it I wish we were deceiving about coming of good weekends right good family weekend okay well I went through Darwin Martin house I mean a bunch of friends had a private tour through the door would Martin house you think the thing that was is built over a hundred years ago mantle man unbelievable house and no end of nine year and the money they poured into reef we're renovating it and putting it back together at after was it was but it was abandoned for fifteen years you know back in the mid nineteen th century or twentieth century and and that now it's it's pretty fun hours a great it's pretty cool to listen to the stories that we had a great does and he was gave us all the stores we had that Friday night I went to the went out to the terrorists and here in buffalo for some drinks and some dinner afterwards and then next day was and now I mean I busy will have a great next day was you know Easter farmers market than we golf in Saturday night we're in Hamilton for the tie cat game we won thirty five thirty four thriller come I would come back Victor they beat BC of the bank Iran's net alliance so that that game then Sunday ended up a little golf yesterday and then the culmination of the entire weekend county fair last night with my with the new law missus guy loyal would love the love that we walked a really great time no just her and I just you she did it for me she could she wouldn't for some reason he would go near it but we were there for two or three hours probably just and literally walked around and you know it what were your kid everything in the fair man I want that I want that give me that I want to those only give me that'll be try this time we do that is it you know and I don't like that last night I didn't spend a dime would you do we walked by I just not true I did eat we ate you know we eight I'd shadows you know she had to Slovakia and what it was the food is unbelievable I so good is so good I had a I had aids I had a nice cream sundae that was all there was as big as a watermelon was the office you know that was and you know then I'm you we went better early you know and that was that it was great great we can already start to finish yesterday I haven't done it in a couple years but I'd like to do once a year if I can I went to a minor league baseball game in Batavia the Batavia Muckdogs against them haunting Bally scrappers no wait wait shorts yeah that's kind of like double a single a single a single family so they got these kids like one nineteen twenty twenty one years old yeah yeah good they're good you can see god yeah it was good yeah good athletic kids right yeah it's good baseball yeah it was fun that that ball park looks great was a nice crowd there for Sunday ten words that ball park in detail why does stadium it's kind of the North Pole women I'm inside of Batavia years ago almost pose a threat the first page you got rained out well if you want to record you know they don't they don't play baseball the rain out of it was great mind you it was a classic short season singly baseball good crowd you know all kinds of they had the good craft beer made right there in Batavia yet what I now when the short season well that's what they call a church season single it so it's singly baseball they start right around third week in June and wrap it up by labor and that do they play nine innings or they do that the way I mean do they its baseball are not playing hardball because they don't you know I can be in a place seven inning game in their kids are six inning game these are professional baseball players I guess so your career started it was fun to see sting fun to who they play hunting valley which is doing what Donna hi my hunting yeah I think it's a it's a moaning hunting guns don't hire moaning the crowd yeah it was nice it was just such a great laid back it was a beautiful night laid back apps can be a bit on it this the weather these days has been in the late summer another reason why why we Russian to go to a discuss Carolina ninety five degrees there today I mean the people who work there a complete the people who work for the Panthers complain about how hot it is yeah let's dive in let's go anyway I have a good weekend you've got a lot of work done up for the game Friday after you're done we're gonna be busy covering these practices and moving around Carolina so I got my boards on for both the all the bills were just under for the Carolina Panthers are interesting to you we were busy this weekend so were the bills yeah that's going to count let's go through some of the move today and maybe we can get in depth on this by the way let's let's do this first our Twitter poll I want you know you can get started because we got a game Friday we you know that coming off Thursday's game you know who played well and who made of who made an impression on you and I guess that's kind of what we're asking today who made enough of an impression on you in Thursday's game that you want to see more Twitter Paul it's up right now in fact we've got more entry into votes in which bills player do you want to see more of this preseason not necessarily Friday night but this preseason who's earned a spot who you intrigued by he's earned you know the chance to see more of you can vote on the twenty pole at one bills live you can send a tweet cheap we might read on the air we give us a call we got phone lines open eight oh three oh five fifty toll free one.

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