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Hillary clinton wants to abolish it the labor she wants to abolish our second amendment back big. They didn't deny it. I don't think anybody denied it. Other presidents did not call right letters at some presidents. do anything many people have come out and said i'm light. You really do have to ask you. Where does it stop. Hello and welcome to fallacious trump. The podcast where we use the insane ramblings of a snotty galster to explain logical fallacies. I'm your host. Jim and i'm your host. Mark a logical fallacies aaron reasoning that results in battling valid arguments and the logical fallacy. We're looking at this week. Is the appeals in nature so the nature before before that snow. ghost what. you'll have to look it up. Okay now. It's not as an unscrupulous person who is kind of out for themselves like often politician. Sex such a lovely word ought to be out of the muppets or something like that. I can imagine it would be a solver. Oh yeah weirdly is kind of orange orange hair. Yeah yeah so. Maybe it's a bf g kinda word. Yeah yeah yes yeah anyway. The appeal to nature as yep when people basically mistake something which is natural for something which is good or make link and say that natural things good and unnatural things bad like because they bro which is sometimes true not true. It doesn't matter whether it's thrown out. There was a paper in the journal medical decision making from two thousand fifteen. They got participants to consider a hypothetical situation where they had to accept some medicine basically and they were also choose between a natural drug from a plant or one had been created in a lab and they were told that both were equally safe and equally effective and seventy nine percent of the participants chose the natural drug versus the synthetic while on just purely on the basis. Just because it was they said it was natural. The weird thing is that when they changed the rules they two different studies. They said It was either less safe. The natural less safe than the synthetic drug or he was less effective than the than the sciatic drug. Yeah still twenty percent to this participant selected. The natural drug over the synthetic drug. Yeah you know. Those are the people that didn't vaccine those of the people. The yeah don't take headache. Tablets headache tablets derived from the of formula. Yeah yeah yeah so yeah. People will choose natural stuff over synthetic stuff they will and you know this. This comes out in marketing as we will discuss purely because they feel like it's better so trump example this week is from a rally that he was doing outside of a big hangar. This is one of the ones with kind of f- walk behind him and he was up on a big stage. This.

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