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To the southern border, but also on the transportation routes to the northern border and coordinated patrols and key areas. Along ourselves border Nakhalin, and adding people could disagree with the tactics. But next co came to the table with real proposals that will be affected, if implemented almost twenty democratic presidential candidates campaigning in early voting. I alwa- effort to show their level of early support in the kick off caucus state. Former vice president, Joe Biden leads in Iowa, but he's trailed not far behind by Senator Elizabeth Warren Senator, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buddha. Judge all in virtual tie for second place by actually skipped. Sunday's event is campaign said he had a prior family event. Sanders has he lost his position as the clear alternative to Biden think, is that the four years ago you know there were only two of us in the race than we split the vote about fifty percent. Each time we got a whole lot of candidates, and I don't think anybody's going to reach that the but I got. Tell you we have been incredibly strong volunteer network here in Iowa. Just didn't several town meetings yesterday large turnouts in the issues that we are talking about the fact that the working class of this country, is sick and tired of working longer hours for low wages worried about the standard of living that their kids will have worried about climate change worry that almost all new income and wealth is going to the top one percent those issues that will resonate in Iowa. Those issues are going to resonate all over this country. The American people in my very strong belief want government, an economy that works for everybody. Not just one percent. So we're not gonna get fifty percent of the vote in. I, I don't think anybody will, I think we have an excellent chance to win. We're gonna win in the Hampshire. And I think we have a very strong chance of being the candidate who will defeat the worst president in the modern history. This country Donald Trump Sanders, making the comments on CNN Senator, comma, Harris polling fourth in Iowa. Oh, with some activists wondering if she's taking the state seriously responding to questions about it. Harris said she's dedicated Iowa voters and fees state as a significant step to our overall chance of winning nomination. Top donor to the university of Alabama says he thinks the schools punishing him after he called on students to boycott and rolling at the university that in response to the state's new abortion banned. The university's board of trustees voted Friday to return, twenty six point five million dollar gift to Hugh Culverhouse junior and renew remove his name from the law school. They say he made numerous demands, and that the decision had nothing to do with his call for a boycott..

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