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Get boston on the plus side you gotta take that offense can just mash i would do it even especially against the tenor or who is not going to be lights out like assures her or even a gio gonzalez could be all right baltimore with cobb zach ephron highschool museum eflin is minus one sixty five nine the total i'd lay the run and a half and philadelphia that point athletic has has been fantastic cobb has been an absolute bus for baltimore and there's gonna be a lot of runs scored citizen bank all right nukem for atlanta yankees ago her mom her mom minus one seventy four nine the total that's my a day nukem all the way that is that the line there is absolutely ridiculous and i know it gets better up a lot because of the yankees but nukem has been a beast this season he is the true as abet rape staff and i would take him as a plus in that regard all day long plus one sixty four the high you're gonna find right now that's pretty good on the overnights zack wheeler for the mets estrada for toronto toronto wine is one twenty nine nine the total two weeks ago i would've told you to take wheeler but marco estrada is pitched so well as last two or three outings i love the what he's been doing with it i would stick with toronto in this game all right and then you've got the white sox g lido cincinnati dieskau fani dieskau funny modest one eighty five nine and a half hard to go against the resume now it is but that's way too high a price i'm staying away from that game all righty and then you've got tampa going with yarborough miami with richards no line out of yet but san diego and oakland richard on the hill the lefty against bassett bassett minus one forty five eight the total chris bassett has been much better than anybody could be expected to last two starts three starts i like basset lot clayton richard has a pension to give up the long ball especially in oakland the way the as been playing take the as and be happier that way i can be the gimme the two teamer with the yankees and the phillies so you and phillies braves until billy so you get a minus run and a half on philly and you'll get new complex one sixty four that's a fat parlayed fish yeah you're gonna make a lot of money if you take those two right there folks follow him on twitter at the fish nineteen sixty nine one of the best in the business take a break come back my good pal martin rogers he's live from russia we'll talk some.

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