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Gain the whole world but to lose his soul. So we're talking about that cost of discipleship to recognize that following. Jesus means losing the world. It means that we gained something greater in christ than anything that we will ever lose. According to the flesh. And so i recognize that i was going to have to come forward at some point about this transformation that the gospel wrought in my heart. And so i ended up coming forward to My missionary peers to my mormon leaders to my family and my friends and of course each reaction was different but God used what he did in my life to begin to plant seeds in the hearts and lives of my loved ones as well did you. I guess how did that unfold in other words did. Did you share with anybody. How what your questions were knows before you. You figure the whole thing out yourself while you're in the process of trying to figure this out. We able to share this journey these questions with people in lds community. The only person that i would say. I was really open with was actually my my highschool mormon girlfriend so when i was on my mission of florida she was a student. Byu and i was sharing with her through handwritten letters once a week. The things that i was learning through the reading of the word of god and ultimately i gave her the same challenge that that pastor had given me and that was just to read the bible like a child so She was the personnels most comfortable sharing these things with and she actually to was born again while she was a student. Byu she's now my wife alicia we've been married for fifteen and a half years and so she was the first person But i didn't really understand what was happening as it was happening until i got to the very end. And so is always going. Through this process i never foresaw that. It was eventually leading me outside of my religious roots. I'm probably very similar. To martin luther as he began this process of investigating truth through the word of god. I don't think he ever intended to go through that process and end up leaving the faith to which she had dedicated his life. And i think it was very much similar to me so when i finally came to that point of full awakening of my eyes opened to the gospel the grace of god then i had no choice to but to come forward to you know my friends and family and tell them what got done my life. What was there a point as you're coming to these understandings That you thought you would be able to stay in The lds mormon community in other words. We're there point where you thought you can bring the truth to them. And they'll be grateful for the clarification. Absolutely that's actually a great question. I think there was a long period of time. Where i although i was seeing these discrepancies between the mormon church and biblical christianity. I thought well. Maybe i can help. Reform it from the inside and stay in the church and and at that point i didn't even recognize the core foundation of the church itself was built on a false gospel. I thought it just needed correction. And actually the the full awakening for me came when i was reading the book of hebrews when i only had about three weeks left of my two year mission commitment and i remember reading hebrew seven through ten and it was just like god. Just remove the veil for my eyes. And i recognized that jesus is the fulfillment of all of the elements of the old law. That i was putting as the hope of my salvation right profits in temples and priesthood ordinances. And the all these things. At the mormon church teaches are essential for salvation recognized that they were all type and shadow pointing towards the fulfillment of that reality. Who is christ folks. I'm talking to michael wilder. The book is passport to heaven will be right back. I've got seven women on stony wants. She's a trend in mind. Take law secret notebook of nikola tesla with these dangerous formulas could fall into the hands of evolutionary lead. Scientists as most amazing discoveries thought to be ridden lost journal right hand it could revolutionize the twenty century. They want to start a new world order. Elites rule and everyday people are not created equal now elites plan to set off to a quick under la to take out of leaders. Does an old brown batted notebook. Light officer work to find it. Take it and keep it hidden at all costs. Let's just say there are a lot of enemies of the state interested in as research up to regular people to stop them a grad student campus. A diff- army vet and a group of live action will players size could collapse dot creech final frequency playing exclusively on salem now dot com or download the mobile app for more information visit final frequency film dot com folks. I'm talking to michael wilder. His passport to heaven. The true story of a zealous mormon missionary who discovers the jesus. He never knew so. Mikey were saying earlier. That as you're going through this process you think like anybody or thinking. Well okay Maybe i can help reform Mormonism from within whatever discovering is true and the mormons that you know they. They revere the word of god so they should be good with this At the same time of it doesn't work out that way. When did you get the phone. Call you or have call elder wilder. When did that message come..

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