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Los Angeles, California, La County discussed on KNX Morning News with Dick Helton and Vicky Moore


Ten thousand dollars apiece for business owners need to ask fast via the grants are being distributed on a first come first serve basis the application period opens tomorrow a federal judge has refused to block Los Angeles from shutting down the gun stores as nonessential businesses during this random act it's not going to battle the second time a federal judge has declined to intervene and shut out voters in California the judge ruled the closure of nonessential businesses including farms today beauticians dealers reasonably fits the city's and county's stated objectives of reducing this spread of this disease the R. eight three gun rights groups and several individuals and businesses had sought the injunction both against LA county and city where the share for the mayor of tried to shot a gun and ammo shops they plan to keep appealing advocates called absurd constitutional dialysis while public officials are calling it in line with the safer how measures by Brill can extend seventy newsradio LA city and county officials are set to appear before a federal judge today the judge wants to know why some sanitation facilities on the skid row area on fully operational is part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by a coalition of area business owners and others they say the city is not doing enough to deal with the thousands of people living in tents cars and on the streets throughout the downtown area particularly during this pandemic another warning for the residents here in the county about the cybercriminals who want information this time they claim that they represent the spur of course system the IRS the census bureau and state local agencies of all put out warnings recently about phishing emails and malware loaded links now officials from the court system are concerned that scam artists may use emails informing recipients they haven't complied with jury notices and they will contact the court wants other concerns you with people who do all fees or fines and false emails or phone calls come in demanding payment from them for the record the corona virus outbreak has forced the court system to curtail all but a few cases no one's being as to report for jury service for the foreseeable future and when it comes to find ignore the emails of the calls go to LA courts dot org the real information on who to pay and when Peter material can extend seventy newsradio will pop up corona virus testing site is set to open tomorrow.

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