New York discussed on The Daily Peach - What makes a place... HOME?


In my opinion cool um but i think home is a place we find your inspiration and united thrive and grow and you develop into something beautiful as in a home his way you spend a lot of your time tweet come home to its way feel safest and it it's amazing and it's where it's woah minds version on my work at stone and what inspired me to do film and stuff was i found you while i was at home and so now i'm doing filmon specialising in film in college say the at home to me isn't it was so cool to hear all of y'all's responses to what makes home home i think it's different for everyone and i definitely think has broken up into your lifestyle relationships in your work your work life and something that i first experienced if you wanna read them from like one to ten um in terms of like the lifestyle category when i moved to new york i was like automatic ten i get to a lecture skateboard everywhere i can have all of these epic meetings um you know just in this epoch city where everyone comes to if they don't live in new york you know they're gonna come through the city and so that was the first and since that i've ever had a city that i was just so stoked on in terms of all the tall buildings around the unjust just how i transport everywhere in you know pickup sweet green then choose press and probably the second best thing about it is obviously the relationships in the friends but i found this is so strange that i'm living in a city without my boyfriend and without my family.

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