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Who two racks or I could do it in the oven but if I wanted to do on the grill what would i. What kind of temperature or what I kind of want to get to fifty. And Are you adding smoke too? When you're doing it could I if I wanted to yet. I add smoke if you look in the mirror. And if you wanted to K- in in two two in liquid smoke is just just a flavor rate that I'm putting in there to kind of give it that smokey flavor we've talked about liquid smoke here before two fifty for how long is its texture. More than time K. It takes about five or six hours. But you want it to where you can sorta start pulling it apart and then the trick is you put it in. Ziplock bags or like I haven't bowls here There and just let it aired by a little bit because if you put it in as bagging close it up. You're going to get all the moisture is going to come back out of the meat in coincide of the bags so that air dry for an hour or so and then vacuum seal it and it freezes fantastic. Do I have to vacuum seal it? I mean could I could a just get as much as I can and throw him in or yeah okay. I vacuum sealed because it keeps it. Fresh yeah so but I typically do is vacuum sealed. When I want to eat it. I pull a bag. Put it in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer and I'll pull a couple pieces off. Let it the frost and the counter for half an hour. Then I go and eat when I wanna eat it now. You say a couple pieces like I'm used to Jerky when I when I buy Jerky in the store it's kind of in strips jerky stakes. So do you do. You cut these down into strips. Then no I'll take a couple of those quarter inch round pieces so it's about three inches diameter by quarter inch we start cooking. And it's Martin Luther instruments done so it's like a little piece of Can Even Bacon Round Disc Jerky k? And he just just tear it right off the bat and rip US Right off yeah. That makes that makes sense. Mike what do you think I like? I WANNA go make jerky right. That's I'm planning out my run tomorrow too heavy on the I have. We're GONNA start making Jerky boys well. And this is the thing so pretty economical a pretty good snack. Pretty good protein snack to have around in low fat high protein. Yeah NO IN MARK. One of the one of my thoughts is like okay. Not Okay and we said this last week to not everybody gets to stay home like and if you're out there and you're in healthcare and you're working and you're in the public listen we appreciate what you're doing out there. I don't I never want to give any indication that we're somehow favouring folks it or make light of the sacrifice that our folks who are working in the public and spending time helping the public and in healthcare. You guys are really the heroes through all this so I don't I don't WanNa make any light of that but there are a bunch of people at home at this point who you know. I'm kind of thinking this is where I'm at. I'm kind of in lockdown and I the other day I was thinking like I could easily put something on in the morning and and you know monitor it throughout the day right and then get six or seven hours on the smoker right. Mike. That's how I've been doing. I mean this has been so this past week leading up to when you asked me about last week's episode. That's this week's I was talking about. How you know being quarantined to home so I was pregnant for this week. I'm like you know what we got a barbecue all week. So we did. We did a roast. We did old pork us. We do remember all three different cooks all week. And it's the same but yeah you're right. It's being a stay at home. Be Able to monitor it and just enjoy. The smell really is my big thing. I love being able to like okay boys. Let's go outside for a little bit. Guan's tied off. Just read it and there's nothing better. It fills the neighborhood because I can always told my neighbors or smokin because that smell just wafts renters better than that. That's that Smell first of all. It's the would you know it's an early cookie. Just smell the wood and it has that meat flavors starts to get in you. Know they're getting closer like hey. I'M GONNA head over to the neighbor's house because they've got something going on the grill. Pork shoulder redone on Overto- to on Sunday. Yeah it's one of the Sunday you couldn't. We woke up in the morning when on eleven o'clock at night at eight o'clock in the morning we still smelled. Were we didn't smell smoke. Didn't smell the meat yet. We still smoke at about eleven o'clock about twelve hours in we started smelling the pork. Smell coming off of meat. Yeah there's no other good part of being home to is you get to let it so. This was the first time I was telling you guys pre show us. I'm cooking for an event and I have not been good. I have not learned from mark in cooking ahead of time. 'cause I never know how to? How do I keep this hot but not put it in the fridge and let me get cold so I've always cooked like right up to the point where we're going to eat a usually for me? That means Arosh at the end. Right Kirk cranking up the temp rushing at the end so this last pork but I did just the other night I let it go because I'm GonNa be home anyway. I let it just ride in. That took sixteen hour something that I probably rush into twelve thirteen hours Iran for sixteen almost sixteen and a half hours just staying on two hundred and twenty-five the entire time. Let it go. Tell it to three as my tempted. I like for our pulled pork and It made the world of difference and I'm talking massive difference. Hannah was like what did you do differently? This is the texture. The consistency everything. I'm like honestly it was just not rushing at the end letting go all the way and really letting it hit two or three honestly not like. It's like one ninety five years there. It's that eight degrees you think. Okay what's your five and two zero. Three two three throughout the entire cut of meat fade the biggest difference that stuff. I didn't even need my like I call him. What he called the clause a clause. I didn't need the clothes I put on my gloves and I just pulled it apart and it was just didn't even when you don't need those things a huge difference so yeah. I've learned a lot just from having the time to honestly devote 'cause I that's the one thing I've always struggled with PARV accusers. I struggle to have the time but when you have it man that make a difference and is it delicious. Do the opposite way. Finish finish noon and let it sit and wrapped in a cooler for five hours. That's what that's what this was initially if finished at ten. Am and night. So I put in a cooler from ten..

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