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We've got a crash on the eastbound Jackie Robinson Parkway, just past cypress hill street, you're slow back to Highland boulevard, and the Long Island the side coast closed this morning between the northern state in Jericho turnpike. That's Zimmer gency construction. Now, the big problem we've got here is over ten ten wins transit desk. New Jersey transit as you've been hearing it news. We had that issue overnight where an overhead wire piece slamming into a train piercing it actually, Lisa train service in and out of Penn station in New York, New York's Penn remain suspended due to that overhead wider issue. So that means if you're traveling northeast corridor thirty coastline Morrison, Essex Montclair boot and midtown direct year being devoted diverted over to Hoboken, and then Pathum across honor New Jersey transit buses will cross on a lot of the private carriers across honoring for you as well. Finally, here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels got the Mary KOMO bridge. It's open, but that second span actually holding back on that because of structural issues on the old tappan Zee that they're in the process. Demolishing I'm Brian Britain. Our next report five thirty one ten ten wins. News time five twenty two. Big stories working this morning, and you heard both minute traffic major concerns about the old tappan Zee bridge, but first let's get to the trouble on nj transit overnight train service still suspended in and out of Penn. After hundreds of people were stranded in a scary incident. And it's huddle. Nj transit says the northeast corridor train was headed there and became disabled when Amtrak's overhead wires dislodged and caused a metal bracket to fall on the car Becky Benjamin was on that train. She tells tainted wins and going back in the train to the next car. There was smoke, and then another window had been blown and then going to cards back. There was a big coal that had come through the feeling seven hundred people on board transferred to a rescue train. One woman did ask for medical attention for back pain soon after that. And then JT train was leaving penguin. It hit a metal object is west of the north tube. That train was disabled a rescue train took three hundred fifty passengers safety. Nobody was hurt. Now. Of course, stay ten ten wins for traffic and transit on the ones, and there's more. The old tappan Zee bridge, which is apparently not going quietly. This would have been the first day for drivers to use the new Westchester bound span of the Mario Cuomo. But engineers for the remnants of the old tap say it could collapse. So they put a off allowing traffic on the new bridge and band boats in the water below the old one. This word comes just one day after governor Andrew Cuomo officiated at the opening of the second span praising the four billion dollar project. And it's designed I believe design needed to do Justice to the magnificent surrounding majestic Hudson river at one of the widest points if possible the lines curves the aesthetics of the bridge, actually, enhance the natural beauty through. Authorities says concerns about the old Spandau defect the new one. But the traffic switches on hold while they evaluate stay with ten ten wins for traffic and transit on the one, and we'll bring you the latest wins. News time five twenty four. A stabbing in a movie theater in Yonkers overnight Lisi. There was a fight at the cross county movie theater. Just after midnight to. Male suffered stab wounds, both expected to recover. No word on any arrests. Despite congressional Republicans efforts to kill the Affordable Care Act. It is still alive. And correspondent Chuck Iverson reports doing pretty well millions covered under the Affordable Care Act will see only modest increases next year and average of about three percent. It was.

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