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Serve us a family the best caramel caramel rolls ever. They are really, really good. And they run out there so good. Do you want to go there early rather than later to get your camels from the valley dairy stories that are now in all petrol serve us a stores to so there you go back with more of our conversation with no keep who's the CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and is the North Dakota native that has done all kinds of wonderful things. Across the globe, including working for some of the bigger news organizations now coming back to head of this project, which is is exciting and it's been a new head in my Grand Force Days and his family and That's a very fine McDonald's. I might say over these eyes, there's only a couple of Okies left in the McDonald's world. Right. Your your uncle Mike, is that it? That's right. My uncle Mike, my Aunt Cindy, the last last one standing in the okey family and McDonald's is my Uncle Tim. My father Bill. My mother, Heather just recently sold their stars and grand Force. You got me thinking about lunch here. Scott worked. I know. I know exactly right in the next 30 minutes factory early as though the whole deal and of course. John O'Keefe, your grandfather was, you know. Ah, a personal friend, Ray crocks and tohave. The McDonald's legacy. Start here in North Dakota without pretty cool, So, ah, great, great history there, And now you got some new history to make with the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. Walk me through what This looks like. And how you decide what it looks like. You have a contest going on architects right now. How does that work? That's right. Well, that's another really unique part of this PR library project for North Dakota. We have a design competition with three of the world's most renowned architect right now, Studio Gang, which is headed by Jeannie Gang, out of Chicago, Hannah Larsen, which has offices across the United States, but was actually a company that was founded in Copenhagen. Denmark and we have no head out, which will be a familiar name to a lot of Norwegians across the state. This is a company again that has offices across all of the United States but was founded in Oslo. Norway and did a lot of the Norwegian National Park work and have a really, really strong history of working in a climate like we have in North Dakota on DH. All three of them have been to Medora. They have met with the community. They have listened to the ranchers. They have talked with the townspeople. They have heard the vision of what we want to create, and they are coming back with us coming back to us with designs. They were going to be made public on August 10th so in the next month What has been? I think a really, you know an idea. You keep hearing about the PR library. What PR library. The state Legislature has done this. You're actually going to see on August 10th. Three different visions for what? PR library Khun B. And then the TR Library board is going to be in Medora holding a public meeting. We're gonna have a community barbecue and quite literally all are welcome. Anyone who has a thought or consideration wants to hear from the architect directly wants to see the designs in person. We're gonna have all three of them there, and we're going to have a community barbecue so everyone can have their say, and we're going to make an announcement of which design we have selected. On September 18th. So they're basically is in a month a month of hopefully, conversation on your show conversation across state really thoughts about where we should take the direction and design of the PR library. We make the selection and that's not the end of the process. That is the beginning of the process. Then the selected architect who wins the commission for on Lee. 15th presidential library in the nation or the world will get to work and really begin to meet with the community. They'll be out in North Dakota. They'll be out with the design. They'll be talking to people about the distributed experience. Really? I think this begins to open up a whole new gateway to the west. Right? I mean people right now with they go to Medora. They go for the musical. They go for the pitchfork bond. Do they go for the National park? They might spend a day or two or three campout. And be with their family for a short period of time. We want people to stay there for five days for a week for 10 days and to use Madura as the entrance way of an entire new experience in the West to go down and spend a day in Deadwood to go see Mount Rushmore but to make their base of operations Majora and North Dakota and to drive people who are going to Yellowstone through North Dakota first, but you know again, this is just the beginning of a very exciting process that will involve a lot of input from the public. A lot of input from the community, a lot of thoughts from the ranchers and and people across the state. And for people that actually wants to get inside the walls of what you've just described. You know, I've said before that I hate the word presidential library because it just makes it sound so small, like, you know, check out a book. Where's unless you've been to one of the 14 others you don't understand. It's much more than 1/4 unquote library. What will the experience be like at this facility? No, We don't wait 100 years after the president's death to do something traditional. And I don't think that t r especially would have wanted a stayed quiet, traditional experience. We're going to try to turn the concept of a presidential library inside out. Great, right, literally, where the only love presidential library that way when you come Objective is to get you out into theater Roosevelt National Park. We want to be the on ly library that you can ride a horse to write. You can hitch up the horse next to the library and go on in and have an experience. You can white block you khun Bike, you can hike Right. We're going to try to connect the experience of PR National Park with the TR library and make this on experience like no other.

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