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Go. Everyone inside at bankers life Fieldhouse on his or her feet off the hood up top. He's watched by all depot works up a high Nancy Nagas picked up by Turner, four seconds left foot goes to work with the foul line hangs fires. The Cavaliers have wanted actually was Larry Nance who got a hand on it. AM with the call ninety to ninety one the final Larry Nance with the game winning buzzer. Beating tip in as time expired first Cavs player other than LeBron James will the game winning buzzer beater since two thousand four Nancy career, high sixteen rebounds to go along with fifteen points. Second career fifteen fifteen game nuggets get past the Mavs won twenty six thousand eighteen Denver twenty one and nine nine their best start in franchise history through thirty games that happened in one thousand nine hundred seventy six Monday, we saw the rockets get forty seven from James harden and narrow win over the jazz making it four straight wins for Houston. Turning things around to the guys are PTI. I don't know that anybody in the west is going to turn the corner for good with the possible exception of Golden State because. Yeah, I mean, the rockets are game above five hundred fifteen and fourteen their tenth. And here's the problem the nuggets, Golden State. Okay. See the Lakers, Portland clippers man's grizzlies. Yes. Manson grizzlies nets. Eventually you keep going, and you get to rockets you get the Spurs pelicans, Minnesota Utah. Tony they just beat each other up. There's no turning the corner because you can't get away from the teams in your own conference. Who are nearly as good as you are. No, I think is going to be a grind for all of those teams with the possible exception of Golden State offs play them in at six that they're going to be in the playoffs. I assume that they can do great. If James harden continues to be allowed to pick up the ball run. I'm a walk. So take a shot. I can I ask you a question here. What happened Carmelo Anthony? Well, we're we're having dinner with LeBron. You're what happened? Playing somewhere looks like you would think winning there. Okay. But it seems like to me he fit in somewhere. Right. Thank blacklisting evening. He's not being capper. Nick. So you you sign mellow, right? Well, if I owned a team, I will rockets will be hosting the wizards on Wednesday in the NBA action. If you're a coach and want to keep your job. What do you do with your quarterback? That's next. Sportscenter allnight. It's ESPN radio. Your radio your computer your phone. Choose tell your smart speaker to play the SPN radio now playing ESPN radio ESPN. Everywhere. In.

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