Walker, Nelson, Johnny Sorenson discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


The five of eleven and unfortunately does not get enough from the maroon and gold the footage shot down in front the forget he's a good defensive two years said here's the really all over Walker blinding speed what we could to only on the deal is a heck of a defensive play a new look line from Minnesota Walker has been out there along with Nelson tonight Johnny Sorenson moved up on the wing on that line instead of me from birth just really haven't done much at all you got to get the phone the two the two believable expected to be this lopsided are really expected to do this cited I don't mean conferences six to two as a halfway point of his game this is worse than the Penn state laws because these guys are not going to give up also like the late for this yeah only interferes with your call you're just throwing in more fire in the woods the wood into the fight.

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