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Community organizer say activism can't JUST be for show The people must take action Chief Diez agrees. Please continue to report bias Instances. We will not allow this to occur. I will do everything in my power to uphold ensure that we hold people accountable for this level of hate, according to the National Coalition of Stop a P I hate in the last 12 months, nearly 3800 self reports of anti hate incidents have been reported. And also on Saturday, a group of protesters in downtown Seattle left messages behind for Seattle police. It was a small group, and one arrest was made. One message targeted chief Diaz himself. That message reads Adrien de as your next We did reach out to both Seattle police and a spokesperson for the chief for comment. We're still waiting to hear back as far as that arrest that was made. We're working to learn what that person was actually arrested for almost Eve, McCarron and a teen is in critical condition after being shot and renting. It happened late Saturday afternoon in an area east of Rent in Technical College on Northeast third courts. No arrests so far but reading police tweeted there is no additional threat to the public. Someone whose time is 5 10 as we head over to the big in plumbing sports desk. Dave Lewis has the latest on the continuing March madness. March continues for Gonzaga, 29. Oh, and now in the elite eight after beating Creighton 83 65 due to me lead the way with 22 points on 10 to 14 shooting the coaches mark few or not. Hung up on the undefeated thing at all. We need a way we gotta go undefeated from here on out. We gotta go three and Oh, if we wanna win the championship and winning the championship of cabin undefeated season, the first team to do so since Indiana and 1976 Jack to take on the winner of tonight's game.

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