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Sam backs him up then everybody else along with Gandhari brea, and they all say, yes, then says actually the north will remain independent, so, you know, no, no worries brother, but we're going to be up here. And then Tyrian says, all hail brand the broken for his name brand asks Tyrian to his hand. Both tearing aren't happy about that, but brands like, hey will our brand is like, hey, it's shitty job. So it's kind of punishment if you have to fix all these things that you fucked up, which they seem okay with hand of the king. So. Yeah, I think that the thing with, with brand I've seen this pointed out that brand is the first POV chapter in the book. And so it sort of is the kind of thing, George Martin would do where like the very first character eventually is going to be the last carrot and his name brand builder. There's a lot of interesting interesting, lower power, though. I don't know how you got a name. So I guess you get a name because the person they're just names. You like why was he brand the broken while he was named after neds older brother brand title, the broken that's just because he's crippled? I guess because he would like for Tyrian to just call them brand. The broken. I know I saw some people joking about this on Twitter, ladies and gentlemen, brand the broken. It's just it's just brand. Probably band. Please. Maybe we can talk about the whole title thing, you know, there could be there could be other maybe names. So this strikes me, as something that George Martin told the show runners and they needed to get here, and then they were for both some, it seems like some logistical reasons than some creative reasons. Just unable to carry brand the distance that he needed to go over the course of the show. Like like you said he was gone for so long. He came back. Also, the actor grew up so significantly and became different looking. They just wound up with this strange other kind of character and, and other kind of an actor playing the role in a very strange way that only really kind of came together for the spinal season..

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