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Great American and your weekend with me as we talk about Trump, Trump Trump and more Trump Sunday night at ten six on news talk. Eight fifty W F T L. It's Red Eye Radio. Eight six six ninety redeye Freightliner run smart helping you run more efficiently as Freightliner's number one goal. So. Yeah, look, he's already pleaded guilty. But I think that's where the I believe that's the direction. I mean, that's the direction that I see it going in is look they've all already recommended no jail time. Right. So by the judge be looking at more, you know, you you throw this out there, and you see everything that even McCabe said. As as his notes said, and you can look at this and say, well, wait a minute. There's a great question. Did he view this as an investigation? It doesn't seem like he did it all he did it as talking to colleagues about national security. And and so. When you see a paper like the Wall Street Journal, call it entrapment. And then, you know, break it down everything that was in the the the defense memos. You look at this. And you see that the FBI was seemed to be trying to do everything possible to make make sure that Flynn had no idea that this was an investigation. This was just colleagues talking right? And so that question has to be answered can you be lying to FBI agents? When you don't can you be lying to investigators. If you don't believe that there investigators well because keep in mind Peter Struck was deputy assistant director at that time, and he showed up with another age. Right. So the point being is that if it's a another type of investigation involving an everyday citizen, you're not necessarily going to get the the involvement of a deputy assistant director, and you're certainly not going to get a caller a call from the deputy director. That's not going to happen. You're an agent's going to show up your door notice respect to the special agents out there, but it's not the same level. So.

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